Google Home Smart Speaker Review

Google Home Smart Speaker Review

Are you a first time buyer and desire a quality smart speaker? Choose brands that have been reviewed and tested by various individuals. Google home smart speaker is one of the speakers you should consider. It attracts a lot of positive reviews from its users. Additionally, it has a spectacular general shape and design.

You will have an easy time operating your Google Home smart speaker because of its simple touch buttons at the top. Also, you can operate your smart speaker through Google voice assistant. It takes voice commands and helps you with various things apart from playing online music.

It is portable and light weight.

It buttons making it easy to use.

Its in-built speaker that is pretty powerful.

It has Google voice assistant.
It doesn’t have a battery.


  • The weight of this smart speaker is 1.35 lbs. Therefore, you will be impressed by its light weight that allows you to place it anywhere next to socket. It can stand on its own or be on top of objects. The weight makes it easy to carry around.
  • Google Home smart speaker has a power supply cable that should be connected to power before using it. This means you should connect your device to power anytime you want to use it.
  • This smart speaker comes with a guide that directs users how to connect and use it. That is one of the reasons many people have an easy time using it.
  • You can pair your devices to this smart speaker through Bluetooth. Afterward, you can control your smart speaker through your device.
  • Google home smart speaker allows users to make calls on contacts saved on the phone while still connected to it.
  • This smart speaker can be connected to Wi-Fi and grant access to various things and services.
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Google Home Smart Speaker Review


  • Google home smart speaker is compatible with multi-room sharing. Therefore, consider it if you want to project sound in various rooms.
  • Google voice assistant– This smart speaker can be connected to Google voice assistant if there is a wireless internet connection.  Google voice assistant gives you full control of your speaker through your voice. You can play music, ask questions and plan your schedule without physically touching your speaker.
  • Google home speaker has microphone that can grasp command from a distance. Hence, you don’t have to be that close to the speaker for your voice command to be accepted.
  • Touch buttons– This speaker has buttons at the top. These buttons make it easy for you to control what you are listening.
  • Streaming services– Google home smart speaker allows various streaming services. TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify and Pandora, are some services you can access when connected to a wireless internet.


With an extremely light-weight body that merely weighs up to 1.35 lbs, the all-new Google Home smart speaker has made it one of the best in the industry. It has a very minimalist, classy, and sleek design that, according to some, resembles quirky and expensive air fresheners. Moreover, the smart speaker’s lower panel is a removable fabric-covered mesh panel that allows you to add a splash of color, whereas the top half is made from plastic and given a smooth finish.

The Google Home smart speaker comes with an attached power supply cable at the bottom to use this device effortlessly. The unique slanted top houses a touch-sensitive panel used to play/pause the music or adjust the volume level, whereas LEDs light up in Googley colors to respond once they hear wake words. 

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The button attached to its back panel disables the microphone with just one tap.

Google Home Smart Speaker Review


The Google Home smart speaker excels in all basic tasks that you expect it to perform. From playing your favorite music from streaming platforms such as Gaana, Saavn, and Google Play Music to getting step by step recipes, and their ingredients, this smart speaker does the job precisely and effortlessly. It does a pretty gob job of recognizing the names of popular Indian artists to create personal playlists for you. Instead of the nonstop rattling of recipes, you can actually make it wait until you are ready for the next step or jump back and forth in directions. You can also hear aloud fresh news headlines in the morning along with customizing from available news sources such as Forbes and BBC using the most convenient Google Home app.

Most importantly, the Google Home is surprisingly futuristic and loud for its size. It ingenious customizes its responses based on the fact which is talking. Up to 6 family members of the house can use this smart speaker by just downloading the Google Home app on their devices and training it by speaking wake words frequently: ‘Hey Google’ and ‘OK Google.’ 

Use the broadcasting feature of Google Home anytime to broadcast a specific message over smart speakers connected to your particular account. Another mind-blowing advantage that Google Home Smart Speaker has over other smart speakers is its multi-room capability. In other words, you can easily link 2 different homes or multiple home devices together in a single room to make a type of stereo pair. Thus, you can easily host a big party with miraculously amazing sound experience of the same music around the entire house.   

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Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Google Home smart speaker is its interesting night mode. It enables the user to adjust the volume of responding and music playback after a specific time. It is a one-stop-solution to your various needs, including playing music, adding items to your shopping cart, setting the alarm, playing the latest news, etc. However, one must remember that Google Home does not link with your Google services such as Google Docs, Gmail, and as a result, cannot read aloud your message or latest emails for you.  

If you are willing to pay a little for a crystal clear sound experience with lots of useful multitasking, then the Google Home Smart Speaker is the one for you. It is definitely an elegant-looking voice control assistant that blows your senses with its abundance of benefits.

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