Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Review

One-touch brakes

Safety harness

Adjustable handles
Not suitable for running or jogging

Stands can not be folded

Not car-seat compatible

A baby jogger allows you and your baby to spend a pleasant time at any public place without having to carry your baby all the time. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double, which has the iconic appearance of having 4 wheels, two at the front, and two at the back. With this jogging stroller, the travel experience is considerably advanced. The limitation with concerns to where you can bring it is eliminated as the tires help to relax the ride on irregular outsides. Even moving it along the path makes it quite comfortable and smooth for the baby and parent.

Special Features

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller


The folding and unfolding ability, setting the safety apparatus, opening and closing the buckle, adjusting brakes, elevating and bearing the folded stroller as if fixing it into any vehicle trunk, and, for fit strollers, installing and lifting an infant car seat are some of the features making it easy for use.


One of the most distinguishable features is of Maneuverability, which is the availability of pushing and moving the stroller with a 40-lb. baby on different surfaces through a series of cones, up and down an edge around corners.


You can assure the baby will be safe in Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller as it meets the requirements of the federal stroller safety standard, 16 CFR Parts 1112 and 1227, which includes, by reference, the most current variant of the ASTM stroller safety standard, F833-19.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller


  • The stroller is suitable for babies up to six months.
  • It includes a protection cover at the child’s feet, to prevent slipping from the leg hole, or avoid any sort of uncomforted feeling.
  • The width of the stroller is 30 inches, and the weight is 33 pounds.
  • The stroller meets Disney parks’ stroller size requirements, which are specified as strollers should be less or equal to 31 inches in width, and 52 inches or less in length.
  • One-touch brakes are more accessible than standard brakes, which work instantly for added safety.
  • The stroller’s handle can be modified for height or angle to more suitable suit parents of differing heights, and folded size is large.
  • It stays upright on its own, making it handy in restaurants or other spaces and also makes storing at home more relaxed.

Product Details

Seat Weight Capacity100lb
Stroller Weight32.6lb
Ajustable HandlebarYes
Fold TypeOne hand
Brake TypeHand
Max Head Height26”
Reversible SeatNo
Folded Stroller Dimensions30.12″ x 30.12″ 11.22″
All-terrain wheelsYes
Accepts Infant Car SeatsYes

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