Air Innovations MH-701B Humidifier Review

Air Innovations MH-701B Humidifier
There are four different colors to choose from. Therefore, choose the color that best suits you.

Its gallon capacity is bigger when compared to numerous humidifiers in the market.

It comes with a manual that makes it easy to operate

You can control the noise level when the humidifier is performing.

You will be notified when to refill the humidifier tank by removing the reservoir.
It is one designated for the literate individuals

It is only limited to 600 square feet.

The state of your house air determines if you will be comfortable or have a troublesome time. Be on the safe side and secure a humidifier, particularly air innovations MH-701B humidifier. Humidifiers improve air in households by adding moisture to it. Through this, the spread of bacteria reduces. Also, humidifiers relieve some symptoms related to flu and keep your nasal hydrated throughout the day.

These are some good reasons to secure an air innovations MH-701B humidifier.


  • 1.7 gallon capacity- This humidifier is designated for both large and small rooms. It can comfortably serve a room of 590 feet. Also, the gallon capacity offers service for more than 90 minutes.
  • An in-built Humidistat- Individuals require different humidity levels. The in-built humidistat in air innovations MH-701B humidifier can be adjusted for different humidity levels in the house. This humidifier will maintain the set levels until you make an adjustment. 
  • 15 inch mist output nozzle- The output nozzle is adjustable in four levels; namely turbo, medium, supreme and high. This makes MH-701B humidifier to easily adjust on either the floor or top of a table.
  • 3.83 lbs. It is light and you can easily carry around.
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Air Innovations MH-701B Humidifier


  • A remote system- You can make adjustments on this humidifier from anywhere within the room through a remote control.
  • Ceramic filter- The MH-701B humidifier has a permanent filter that purifies water. This enhances the performance of the humidifier every time it is operating.
  • Set time performance- The delay feature allows you to set the time this humidifier should start operating. It can be set up to 24 hours in advance. Afterward, it will automatically turn on when the set time approaches.
  • Timer- Air innovations MH-701B humidifier can be set to automatically turn off on its own. Therefore, you don’t have to physically turn it off.
  • Safe turn off- You don’t have to worry about water running out of the tank. This humidifier will go immediately it runs out of water. Also, the LED display will notify you.
  • Antimicrobial materials- MH-701B humidifier is made up of materials that prevent bacterial accumulation, mildew and mold. Hence, you are guaranteed fresh air.

Product Details

Ideal ForSingle Room
Coverage Area600 sq. ft.
Humidifier StyleStandalone
Standalone TypeCool Mist, Ultrasonic
Humidity DisplayYes
Mist Output ControlYes
Water Reservoir Capacity1.7 Gallons
Running Time Before Next Refill1.7 Gallons
Water Refill IndicatorYes
Fill TypeRemovable Reservoir
Wi-Fi CapableNo
Remote ControlYes
Programmable TimerYes
Automatic Safety ShutoffYes
Air FiltrationNo
Wick FilterNo
Demineralization CartridgeYes
Medicine CupNo
Germ ProtectionYes
Height33 in.
Width8.25 in.
Depth8.25 in.
Weight3.83 lbs.
ColorBlack, Gray, Red, Purple
Maximum Amperage0.4 Amps
Maximum Wattage30 W
Voltage110-120 V


It is fair to conclude that air innovations MH-701B humidifier is one of the powerful humidifiers in the market. It is powerful, user friendly and delivers quality services. It should be on your next shopping list to avoid dry air in your house.

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