Well at Walgreens Personal Humidifier Review

Well at Walgreens Personal Humidifier Review

It’s time to say goodbye to conditions brought by dry air while on the move. Invest in a humidifier and specifically the Well at Walgreens personal humidifier. This humidifier helps relieve some conditions such as asthma, nose bleeding, nasal congestion and dry cough. Consequently, it improves your sleeping pattern. Control the humidity levels around you through a humidifier.

It has safety features such as auto shut down.

It uses less power when dispensing cool mist in the air.

You can carry around the humidifier because of its weight.

Individuals find it easy to operate the humidifier.
You can’t use it on large rooms.

Some people complain of leaking tanks after long term use.


  • 1.4 pint capacity– The water tank of this humidifier has the capacity of 1.4 pint capacity. A full water tank can serve you up to 10 hours before requiring a refill.
  • 1.55 lbs– The weight of Well at Walgreens personal humidifier is 1.55 lbs. Those who purchase this humidifier find the weight manageable. Also, it is easy to carry around.
  • 25 square area capability– This humidifier is for rooms within the 25 square area radius. Hence, use this humidifier a room is within the limit.
  • Cool mist– Well at Walgreens personal humidifier dispenses a visible cool mist in the air. The cool mist will be dispensed immediately the humidifier’s tank is filled with water and connected to power.
  • The 73 inch long cord of this humidifier makes it easy to place the humidifier at different spots in a room. It is also big enough when compared to numerous humidifiers.
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  • Well at Walgreens personal humidifier tank is made from antimicrobial materials. This reduces the chances of mold and bacteria from building up on the tank. Automatically, the humidifier always dispenses fresh water.
  • There is an auto shut off protection feature when the water is empty in the tank. As a result, you can leave it on while sleeping.
  • Well at Walgreens personal humidifier has two speed settings to choose from. Each setting dispenses cool mist at different speeds. It can be high or low.
  • The humidifier will notify you when the water levels are low and should be refilled.


Invest in Well at Walgreens personal humidifier to deal with dry air. It is durable and can sercve your personal needs.

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