Malayalam actors Kalyani Priyadharshan and Tovino Thomas have excelled in their upcoming film Thallumala.

"I recall that my father constantly advised me to focus on serious roles rather than comedy genres, saying that I'll never be able to make someone laugh," says Tovino. 

It's hardly your usual hero-heroine connection, to be honest, Kalyani. The first reason is that in the movie, Wazim is one step behind my character, Beepathu.

"First off, it was a pleasure collaborating on the song with GVM. His smile, attitude, manner of speaking, and walking all go by the moniker "swag." It brought to mind Surya's part in Varanam Ayiram.

Kalyani: "I have, I have become much more confident, and I no longer apologize for the space I occupy. You can really get into character with its aid.