Hunter QLS-03 Humidifier Review

Hunter QLS-03 Humidifier Review

Health and comfort goes hand in hand. However, this can be disrupted by dry air in some regions. Amazingly, a humidifier can solve any problem linked with dry air. The hunter QLS-03 humidifier is one of the humidifiers you should consider. It is portable anywhere to go. Also, it gets you comfortable by dispensing cool mist in your room. At the same time, it keeps you healthy while handling various things.

There are up to six different colors to choose from.

You can personalize the output settings based on your needs.

Hunter QLS-03 humidifier is portable and easy to carry around.

Operating this humidifier is easy.
You won’t be notified when the water bottle runs dry.

It can only be used in small rooms.


  • Hunter QLS- 03 humidifier weighs 0.55 lbs, which makes it easy to carry around the room. Also, its design makes it fit in a travel bag while on the move.
  • This humidifier can use a 20oz bottle size when dispensing mist in the air. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of right humidity levels in the house. Fill a bottle with water and connect it to the humidifier.
  • Hunter QLS-03 humidifier uses the ultrasonic technology to dispense cool mist in a room. The water bottle should water before the humidifier is turned on.
  • This humidifier can only supply enough moisture for rooms within a 25 square area. Hence, go for this humidifier if it can serve you well while on the move.
  • The cord length of Hunter QLS-03 humidifier is 60 inch long. This gives you a variety of choice on the spots you can place the humidifier.
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  • Hunter QLS-03 humidifier has a variety of output settings to choose from. Thus, you can choose a specific humidity level in a room.
  • This humidifier will automatically go off when there is no more water left in the bottle. The feature acts a signal you should refill the bottle.
  • Hunter QLS-03 humidifier uses water bottle as the tank. Thus, it’s easy to carry it around and refill when it runs dry.
  • There are a variety of fan speed settings to choose from. Each speed setting influences the rate the humidifier dispenses cool mist in a room.


Hunter QLS-03 humidifier is one of the best traveler humidifiers to choose. It will dispense enough mist in a room.

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