Crane Drop Humidifier Review

Crane Drop Humidifier Review

A large fraction of people get respiratory illness during the cold season. This is mostly attributed to the dry air inside homes. A lot of people find it a challenge to maintain the quality air inside their premises. Luckily, humidifiers simplify this process. Crane drop is one of the humidifiers you should purchase. It moisturizes air thus benefiting people in numerous ways. First, it makes it easy for people to sleep and relax at home. Also, it minimizes the risks of contracting some airborne diseases.

Crane drop humidifier is energy efficient when compared to numerous humidifiers. In fact, it uses less energy than lighting bulbs.

Easy to operate. A lot of people find this humidifier user friendly to both the literate and the illiterate. Furthermore, it comes with an operating manual.

Easy to clean- The fill tank, cap and water level sensor on this humidifier are removable. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.

It doesn’t require a filter when operating.
It is effective in rooms beyond 250 square feet.

Crane drop should be elevated for optimal performance.


  • One gallon tank capacity– Crane drop gallon tank is well designed in that it can fit beneath a bathroom or kitchen sink. Also, its one gallon capacity gives you moisturized air up to 24hours before requiring fill up.
  • A mist lid– The crane drop humidifier has a removable mist lid that can rotate 360 degrees. Therefore, you can direct it anywhere within the house. This specification also allows you to place it anywhere in the house.
  • 250 square feet capacity– This humidifier is most effective for rooms within 250 square feet capacity. Hence, ensure your room is within the space for ultimate performance.
  • 5.82 pounds– Crane drop humidifier is portable and comfortable when carrying around because of its weight.
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Crane Drop Humidifier Review


  • Speed setting option– We have different needs. As a result, this humidifier has an output setting. Simply, adjust it to your humidity personal needs. It will perform as programmed until changes are made.
  • Quiet feature– Crane drop humidifier operates quietly. In fact, a lot of users can’t differentiate when it’s on or off. Therefore, it perfectly suits those who get distracted by little noise.
  • An auto off feature– You don’t have to worry about your safety when the tank goes empty.  This humidifier has an auto off feature. It will automatically go off when the tank runs out of water.
  • Antimicrobial material– The materials used in the manufacturing of this antimicrobial material naturally prevent bacteria and mild from building up.


Crane drop is among the best humidifiers with a capacity of one gallon. Its shape make it is fit different spots within the house. Also, its weight makes it portable as you move around. Therefore, consider purchasing it.

Product Details

  • The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier has whisper-quiet operation
  • Removable water tank holds 0.9 gallons
  • 360-degree mist nozzle
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Runs up to 24 hours
  • Suitable for room size measuring approximately 250 square feet
  • Measures 9-3/4″ diameter x 14-1/4″ H
  • UL listed
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Imported
  • Model EE-5301
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