Crane Owl Humidifier Review

Crane Owl Humidifier Review

You have the power to control the quality of air you breathe. Simply purchase a humidifier and operate it in your house. Generally, humidifiers moisturize your air making it easy to breath. The crane owl is one of the humidifiers to choose from. Some home owners are amazed by its performance. You might be among the individuals who are impressed by the performance of Crane owl. Try it out and improve your sleeping pattern at night.

It has a detachable tank which makes it easy to clean this humidifier. Also, most parts of this humidifier are easily accessible.

Its shape makes it one of the most beautiful humidifiers. Individuals can also choose different colors.

Crane owl humidifier doesn’t require a filter to operate.

A lot of people find this humidifier easy to operate.

Its size allows it to be placed at different places within the house.
It’s only limited to medium sized rooms.

It doesn’t have a remote system.


  • One gallon tank– The crane owl humidifier has a one gallon tank capacity. As a result, you can comfortably use your humidifier up to 24 hour depending on how you use it.
  • 2.5 kg– This humidifier is about 2.5 kg in weight. Therefore, it can be carried from one point to another. Its owl weight also makes it easy to carry around.
  • 250 square feet capacity– Crawl owl humidifier is designated for rooms up to 250 square feet.

Crane Owl Humidifier Review

Ideal ForNursery, Single Room
Coverage Area250 sq. ft.
Humidifier StyleStandalone
Standalone TypeCool Mist Ultrasonic
Humidity Range40-50%
Humidity DisplayNo
Moisture Output Per Day2.1 gallons
Mist Output ControlYes
Water Reservoir Capacity1 Gallons
Running Time Before Next RefillUp to 24 hours
Water Refill IndicatorYes
Fill TypeRemovable Reservoir
Wi-Fi CapableNo
Programmable TimerNo
Automatic Safety ShutoffYes
Air FiltrationNo
Wick FilterNo
Demineralization CartridgeNo
Medicine CupNo
Germ ProtectionYes
Height12.8 in.
Width9 in.
Depth9 in.
Weight5.4 lbs.
Maximum Noise Level37 dB
Maximum Wattage36 W
Voltage110-120 V


  • Adjustable speed setting– This humidifier can be customized for different results. Therefore, determine the setting that best works for you before adjusting the output setting.
  • Adjustable mist lid– Crane owl humidifier mist lid is adjustable 360 degrees. Hence, you can adjust the mist lid to any direction you desire. Also, this feature allows you to put it anywhere inside your house.
  • Anti-microbial material– This humidifier minimizes bacteria accumulation in air. Also, it is made from anti-microbial material. These materials prevent molds and bacteria from building up in the humidifier when not in use.
  • Functions in whisper– Many people choose crane owl humidifier because it doesn’t make noise when operational. As a result, it favors babies and those who get distracted by little noise.
  • An auto off feature– This ultrasonic humidifier will automatically go off when the water in the tank runs empty. Thus, you will know when to refill the tanks. It is also a safety feature in this humidifier.
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Crane Owl Humidifier Review

Cool Mist OnlyYes
Warm Mist OnlyNo
Dual MistNo
Antimicrobial ClaimsNo
Daily Maintenance RequiredNo
Weekly Maintenance RequiredYes
Need to Replace Filter or WickNo
Need to Replace CartridgeNo
Nightlight or Glow in the DarkNo
Indicator for Empty TankYes
Automatic Shut Off When EmptyYes


Crane owl humidifier is effective in a normal house setting. Therefore, place it in strategic spot that addresses your needs. You will enjoy its benefits.

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