JBL Link 20 Smart Speaker Review

JBL Link 20 Smart Speaker Review

Consider a smart speaker and particularly JBL Link 20 for entertainment. It is known for its rechargeable battery that allows you to move with it and charge it when the battery is low. Thus, you can uninterruptedly listen to your songs while on the move.

This smart speaker gives you two options when operating it. You can either use the buttons at the top or use Google voice assistant. JBL Link 20 smart speaker also allows you to stream music online or directly from your phone. You can also choose either silver or black color. This offers some sort of personalization.

Its Google voice assistant makes it easy to use.

It allows streaming of audio when connected to internet.

It is made from waterproof materials.
It doesn’t support messaging or calls.


  • Choose JBL Link 20 smart speaker because of its lightweight that make it easy to handle. It weighs 2.3 lbs. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your device falling because of its weight. It is also stable when placed on top of a flat surface.
  • This smart speaker has a rechargeable battery that can play non-stop music for 10 hours if fully charged. The charge time is estimated to 4.5 hours. Hence, you can move around with your speaker if fully charged.
  • The box of JBL Link 20 comes with a power adapter you should use to charge your smart speaker.
  • This is one of the few speakers that can be connected to wireless internet connection. Therefore, you can stream songs from different online platforms.
  • JBL Link 20 smart speaker has a Bluetooth connection option that allows you to connect it to your mobile phone and play what is stored inside it.
  • You can choose either a black or silver smart speaker. These two colors are neutral and can blend in any room setting.
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JBL Link 20 Smart Speaker Review


  • This smart speaker has a Google assistant that allows you play music through your voice. Additionally, you can also get answers to various questions while on the other end of the room.
  • JBL Link 20 has an auto off feature that turns off your device if left alone without playing any music for a long time. It is one of the safety features installed by the manufacturer.
  • You can stream music from different online platforms through Google assistant with this speaker. YouTube, Google play, Spotify and Pandora are some common platforms.
  • This speaker is made from water resistant material. Hence, you can comfortably carry your smart speaker anytime you step out.
  • JBL Link 20 smart speaker has microphone that can hear your voice commands from a distance. Many people find them powerful for such as speaker.
  • You can operate your speaker with Google Home app downloaded and installed on your phone. Phones with android and iOS operating system can be used to download this application.
  • There are buttons at the top of this device you can use to control what you are listening. You will find two volume buttons, a Bluetooth button and play/pause button.


JBL Link 20 is about 20cm tall that seems a little shorter than Amazon Echo Plus, providing tougher competition to the other speakers on the market. The 360-degree mesh on the speaker is responsible for protecting its two 50mm drivers. This gives the speaker it’s IPX7 waterproofing, which allows splashes in its stride and being able to submerge around half an hour. The four buttons on the top are used for play and pause, volume, and the last for Bluetooth pairing. Extra switches are found on the back for power and to mute the speaker. They are marked and easy to use with the exceptional build quality. The speaker appears to host with four white lights on the front, similar to those found on Google Home speakers. They will also give a quick answer when you ask it a question. It will also provide visual feedback to know when your speaker is listening and can be seen from all angles. Lastly, the speaker’s base consists of a small material cover for the micro-USB charging port for the 6000mAh battery.

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JBL Link 20 Smart Speaker Review


The speaker’s sound quality is amazing, and Link 20 controls the difference in dynamism well among the bolder vocals and tranquil breaths. The intensity changes throughout the track, and the impressive focus with some smart speakers make it an ultimate smart device. Even though it’s a dense production, Link 20 operates to classify each instrument with sufficient distinction. There may arise times when the song feels more compressed than on other branded speakers, but JBL aces in the performance there. Changing melody track to fast songs with upbeat melodies and bright choirs can also be played very well in the speaker. From the light acoustics to the harsh rattle of gunfire, or the low-frequency rumble beneath the rapping, JBL Link 20 balances everything with no particular area unduly jutting out.


The Link 20 is a nice jack-of-all-trades speaker with portability features. This JBL speaker gives an easy solution for people who want to use Google Assistant and a device that offers good sound quality while hearing music. Link 20 achieves what it locks out to do the best against the limits of the technology and has taken an appearance proving a tight competition for others in the market because of its affordable price. In addition to using Google Assistant for its voice commands, these Link speakers come with Google Chromecast, which enables you to join up not only with other Link speakers but any Chromecast-based audio device to create an audio setup over a Wi-Fi network as per your need. Your Android applications and many iOS apps can also send audio to Chromecast speakers with just a single click. As this speaker is also equipped with Bluetooth, it offers total compatibility for your smart home.

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