Sony S50G Smart Speaker Review

Sony S50G Smart Speaker Review

Are you contemplating on the smart speaker to purchase? Get to know the features of Sony S50G Smart Speaker and be wowed. This speaker is portable, easy to use and easy to operate. Unlike your old stereo, there are many things you can perform with this device. First, you no longer have to stroll through the playlist to find your favorite music. All you have to do is ask Sony S50G Smart Speaker to play your desired track.

Additionally, you can use your Sony S50G smart speaker to stream various songs. This offers you a variety of entertainment to choose from. These are a few reasons you should choose this device.

It projects enough sound in a medium sized room.

Reliable voice control

Clock interface

Works well with Chromecast devices

A lot of individuals find it pocket friendly.
It doesn’t have an USB port.

Gesture control can be frustrating


  • Sony S50G Smart Speaker is known for its quality speaker that is fairly high. Through this, many people can enjoy their favorite music.
  • The bass sound it produces is subdued, which makes it friendly for family setting.
  • The manufacturer of Sony S50G Smart Speaker specifically designed it for a medium sized room.
  • It offers multi-room support, allowing you to customize it to fulfill your individual’s need.
  • This smart speaker supports voice identity.
  • Sony S50G Smart speaker comes with a power supply. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase yours.
  • This speaker weighs 2.05 lbs, which is fairly light. As a result, you can carry it around from one spot to another.
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Sony S50G Smart Speaker Review


  • Wireless connection: Sony S50G smart speaker is compatible with Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Your smart speaker has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to pair your device with other devices and play your favorite music. You can pair your speaker with Smartphones that have iOS and android operating systems.
  • Digital Assistant Muting- There is a dedication button where you can mute the microphone when you are not using the digital assistant.
  • Voice command feature- Sony S50G has a voice command feature that allows you to operate the device without physically touching it.
  • Volume control button- This device has a button that allows you to either add or reduce the projection volume of your smart speaker.

Sony S50G Smart Speaker Review


Apart from the sound’s quality, many times, the aesthetic and look of the speaker also matters; it mustn’t look very plain-looking. The Song S50G Smart speaker is one great looking speaker which has a mesh frame on the exterior that makes the frequency of sound better. The colors available for this device are black and white.

Too many buttons on a smart speaker look unpleasant; hence this smart speaker has fewer buttons like the power, microphone, and Bluetooth, and on the bottom of the speaker, there is a restart and hold button. On the front is a clock display, which makes this device look extremely minimalistic. It is a compact and fairly light-weighted device at 2.05 lbs. A fun fact, one can even open the mesh frame and check out what’s inside of the speaker, which clearly shows the sound technology.


The S50G Smart Speaker works great for indoors and delivers a promising bass sound and quality audio. It is lighter, slimmer, and compact than many other smart speakers. One can connect and stream music or audiobooks from various platforms like Spotify, Amazon audiobooks, or Apple music.

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This smart speaker is extremely compact and takes up only a minimal amount of space on your desk or tv space. There is also a gesture control button, which allows the hands-free option. So when you’re working or typing an important document for your office but you still want to listen to music, you can easily command the smart speaker to play your favorite song or when your children are trying to sleep. You can command it to play a lullaby for a bedtime story.


Sony has always had a series of great products from television, speakers, smartphones, etc. Their recently upgraded version of the smart speakers, the Sony S50G Smart Speaker, has a built-in Google Assistant, which is the best part. You can command Google to play your favorite music, narrate a story, make phone calls, or any other interest. The touch-free gesture control and voice recognition are great, too, as you don’t need to keep changing the song or increase the volume; it’s hands-free. Overall the Sony LF-S50G smart speaker is a decent and pocket-friendly smart speaker; it works great for people of all ages as it is extremely user-friendly.

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