Bose Home Speaker 300 Review

Bose Home Speaker 300 Review

Do you know the speaker you use determines if you will enjoy your music or not? Don’t ruin your entertainment by choosing any smart speaker. Choose Bose home speaker 300 and enjoy every moment of playing music. This smart speaker stands out because it has two voice assistant to choose from. It can be Google assistant or Alexa voice.

You will be impressed by its audio projection when playing your favorite songs. Bose Home speaker 300 is black or silver in color, which are neutral. As a result, it can blend with any setting when placed in a room.

The voice assistants make it easy to stream your favorite songs.

It has a powerful microphone.

It has an easy to use interface.
It lacks a USB cable.


  • The weight of Bose Home speaker 300 is 2.05 lbs. it is one of the secrets behind its stability when placed on top of any surface next to the socket. Its design also supports its stability.
  • This smart speaker supports analog audio input from other devices such as tablet and Smartphone.
  • Bose home speaker 300 comes with a power cable that should be connected to power and then your device in order to use.
  • The box of this smart speaker comes with a start guide which make it easy to use and operate it. The guides are clear in that anyone can understand.
  • You can pair your devices via Bluetooth with your Bose home speaker 300. The Bluetooth range is 30 feet. This allows you to run errands on the other room while enjoying your favorite songs on your phone.
  • Bose home speaker 300 can be connected to wireless internet connection. This grants you unlimited access to online music.
  • Users can make calls while still connected to their Bluetooth device if a contact is saved inside their phone.
  • Bose home speaker 300 comes in two options. You can either choose a black or silver color. Therefore, you have a variety of choice to choose from.
  • This speaker also supports airplay to connect with apple devices.
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Bose Home Speaker 300 Review


  • Streaming services– Bose home speaker 300 allows its users to enjoy streaming services through voice command. TuneIn, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Amazon music, Deezer and Apple music are some services you can access.
  • Voice assistants– This smart speaker can be connected to either Alexa or Google assistant when connected to the internet. The voice assistants give you full control of what you are listening without physically touching your speaker.
  • In-built microphones– Bose Home speaker 300 has in-built microphones that can hear voice commands when you are far. Users find the microphones powerful when compared to those of other devices.  There is also a button which you can use to mute the microphone.
  • Multi-lingual feature– Alexa voice commands can take command in both Spanish and English. This allows a variety of people to use this smart speaker.
  • Touch controls– This smart speaker can be operated through touching. There are preset buttons, pause button and volume button.
  • The speakers of this smart speaker have a bass that is distributed sound in your room. As a result, you will enjoy every minute of your songs.


Bose Home Speaker 300 is not just a mere speaker, and it distinguishes itself for its elegance of the innovative SoundTouch 10. This curvy 300 model keeps elements from the 10, like the six shortcut capacitive buttons, and joins a 360-degree speaker with a mic array for the voice assistant feature. It distributes the display, and the bottom half of the black speaker is openly showing a downward-facing driver via a series of sound guides. You can place this smart speaker at any corner of your room on the side of your living space or kitchen. The dimensions of 300 are 6.3 inches high, 5.6 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. A 3.5mm auxiliary input, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect can all be connected within the speaker. There is no built-in Google Chromecast to support the Google Assistant’s abilities. Not only this, but the speaker can be controlled via your voice or the new Bose Music app, which is relatively easy to use. You can set your voice assistant quickly by choosing anyone between the two available assistant options.

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Bose Home Speaker 300 Review


There are several 360-degree sound speakers of different brands available in the market today. But in terms of sound quality, the Bose Home Speaker 300 gains high points even while comparing it to other leading brands like Apple and Samsung. No wonder Bose has tried to go the big and atmospheric direction with the Home Speaker 300 to decrease the problems of a smaller cabinet offering tough competition even at a reasonable price. One exceptional feature of Speaker 300 is that it boasts of going louder than the Apple HomePod. You can start your party and dance to the loudest beats without bothering about the music quality. It will make your friends notice the high sound quality of the Bose Speaker. At times, the vocals and midrange devices might sound a little noisy, but it doesn’t affect the speaker’s overall performance.

One of the lightest sounding of all the speakers and yet performs the best. Feist’s funky Inside and Out speaker does not perform well as of Google Max or Bose Home speaker 300. However, the Bose Speaker 300 doesn’t roll similarly like the Max with the Prodigy’s Voodoo People or sound natural like the Home Speaker 500. The app also offers EQ settings and gives a feeling of all control to its user itself. You can reduce the bass to make them sound a little more even and thin to enjoy the nice melody song on the loop constantly. If budget matters to you much, then opting for Bose Home Speaker 300 would be the best option.

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Bose offers most of the features that are demanded by a smart speaker by the customers. From a choice of assistants, to control options of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and easy setup with good listening performance are some of the smart qualities of the speaker. Sound quality is a mixed bag and can be altered as per the melody and beats at your convenience and needs. It is also able to pick out commands in a normal speaking voice, even at high volume. However, in earlier versions of the HomePod, it is found that the Apple speaker picks up fainter voices, and both the Bose and the Google speaker hears better than HomePod. You can also command them to play the music you wish to hear or brief some news without having to move from your place. Bose fans consider this speaker to use for a multiroom system because of its affordable price.

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