Facebook Portal+ Smart Speaker Review

Facebook Portal+ Smart Speaker Review

The famous Facebook portal + smart speaker is still trending long after its launch. It stands out for various reasons. It is known as a smart speaker that has a touch screen where you can play both audio and video files. In addition, you can stream a variety of materials when connected to Wireless internet connection.

Facebook Portal + smart speaker also allow you to connect with other people through video calls. You can also connect this smart speaker with your devices. Above all, this device has an excellent reputation when it comes to durability. You will enjoy long term services when you secure this smart speaker.

You can open video calls on various platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

You can access Amazon Alexa services.
Some individuals are complaining about the power of the speaker.


  • This smart speaker has a USB port that allows its users to plug in a flash disk and play various media files stored inside it.
  • Facebook portal + smart speaker can be connected to wireless internet connection. It allows you to access various online platforms and materials from your comfort zone. Hence, you are assured of unlimited entertainment.
  • This smart speaker can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth. Thus, you can play music directly from your device.
  • The weight of Facebook portal + smart speaker is 7.05 lbs. it is the reason behind it stability when placed on top of surfaces. This reduces the chances of it falling down.
  • The box of this speaker comes with a power cable that you should connect to power before you can operate your device.
  • This smart speaker comes with a guide book that shows users how to operate it. Many people find the guide simple and straightforward.
  • Mobile devices connected to Facebook portal + smart speaker can make calls and send messages to contacts saved on the phone.
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Facebook Portal+ Smart Speaker Review


  • This smart speaker has a camera that allows you t o make video calls across different platforms. The camera is clear to the point it projects anything that is around you.
  • There is a camera cover that you should manually use when you are not using the device’s camera.
  • Facebook portal + smart speaker has a 15 inch touch screen that is big enough to watch your favorite movies and videos. The touch screen is also sensitive for instant response. It is one of the reasons many people choose this smart speaker over others.
  • This smart speaker has its in-built speaker that can project enough sound in a room. Thus, you don’t require another external speaker when playing your favorite songs and videos.
  • Streaming services- Facebook portal + smart speaker grants you access to streaming services when you get connected to the internet. You can play online radio, videos, movies and tutorials, among others.
  • Facebook portal + smart speaker allows users access to Amazon Alexa. This feature accepts voice commands. Thus, you will have an easy time operating your smart speaker.


Facebook Portal resembles the design of Lenovo’s Google Assistant-powered Smart Display with different speaker placement. Overall, this innovative product has an industrial design perspective and an ultra-wide 15.6-inch tablet mounted atop a big, thin base. The display is attached to the base through a connection that enables it to rotate easily between portrait and panorama mode. The 1080p screen offers good quality for video chat, which shows much better results than the Google Home Hub. The 12-megapixel camera is located an inch above the screen to do 5x zoom and capture action within a 140-degree range. The four-mic array flanks the camera on both sides, enabling listening to commands and noise dropping during chats twice. Besides the narrow top elevation, there are also three inductive buttons, out of which two are for volume, while the last one is to turn off the camera and mic. When you touch this last button, a notification will pop up on the screen, and a small red light will appear just to the power of the camera for continued assurance of the settings.

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Facebook Portal+ Smart Speaker Review


The decent sound quality can be used to listen to Spotify all day and completely enjoying the experience without any noise interference.

The Portal’s interface is extremely great, and the UI flips between two primary cards. The primary card includes a list of your Facebook contacts with the six top contacts you most regularly chat with, and below are suggestions. The best part of this speaker is that people you speak with don’t need a Portal to talk. They can converse with you on their phone or computer at their comfort. You can swipe left and see a screen full of large icons. This will open into Facebook videos or any other applications like Pandora, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Simply click on the app as you do it on your laptop or phone. Facebook Portal defaults to Alexa functionality, and you can add this feature during the installation process. The system depends on Amazon’s smart assistant to give the user the best performance and experience because of its brand value.


This smart display can be used by people that often use Facebook Messenger to video call friends. The built-in Alexa and smart display allow watching any show anywhere at any time. You can also use this Facebook Portal device to cast YouTube videos. It offers the most premium video-calling experience of any device or assistance out there. Video calling has become a major part of our life as per the existing scenario. It is the only medium to stay connected with your friends and relatives. So if you prefer more video calls through Messenger, then perhaps Portal is a perfect choice. Another major concern when it comes to Facebook is privacy. The company already claims that it doesn’t listen to view or keep your video calls’ contents. The conversations are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that these calls and texts stay only between you and the people you’re calling. Its Smart Camera technology runs locally on the Portal device and not explicitly on Facebook servers. As it doesn’t use a facial recognition feature to identify you, it can be considered a safe, smart device to call your close ones.

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