IHome AV14 Smart Speaker Review

IHome AV14 Smart Speaker Review

Entertainment is crucial after a long and tiresome day. It helps you relax and regain back your lost energy. Listening to music is a form of entertainment. The kind of device you use determines if you will enjoy your playlist or not. IHome Av14 smart speaker is one of the devices you can use to play music. It is portable and easy to carry. Above all, this speaker projects quality sound despite its small size.

IHome AV14 smart speaker also has an easy to use interface that anyone will have an easy time using. This speaker is also made from a reputable manufacturer.

You can set your alarm using this speaker.

It grants you easy online streaming.

It is affordable.
Some people find the bass of the speaker unbalanced.


  • This speaker is black in color, which easily blends with any color setting. Therefore, you don’t have to look for a position to place it.
  • The box of IHome AV14 comes with a power adapter which you will use to charge your smart speaker. Refer to the user guide in the box if you are having challenges setting up your device.
  • There is a USB port that allows you to insert a flash drive and play audio songs.
  • IHome AV14 can be connected to wireless internet connection and be able to stream songs across various platforms.
  • There is Bluetooth option where you can pair your speaker with mobile device or another speaker. Bluetooth allows you full control of what you are playing on the speaker through your phone.
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IHome AV14 Smart Speaker Review


  • You can use Alexa voice assistant to control your smart speaker through your voice. This feature allows you to stream music from various platforms such as Spotify, Amazon music, iHeart Radio, Tune in and Pandora, among others. This assures you unlimited internet connection if connected to the internet.
  • Many people know this speaker because of its alarm feature which you can set using your voice. As a result, you can always be in schedule when handling your personal matters.
  • IHome AV14 smart speaker has a bass which can be felt when playing your favorite songs. Therefore, you don’t have to connect more speakers in a single room.
  • This device has microphones that make it easy for your voice commands to be accepted by Alexa even in a noisy background.
  • There are buttons at the top of the smart speaker which make it easy to control it. Volume buttons, Bluetooth button, microphone and play buttons make it easy to control the speaker.


IHome’s AV14 features an ecstatic design that is similar to the original Google Home. This speaker has a pale fabric speaker rack on the bottom and a white upper half present at the top. It resembles most of Google’s design till the color scheme, with comparatively shorter and a flat top.

On the side of the device, the appropriate time is displayed along with upcoming alarms. Also, this display can conveniently be dimmed or closed off while the time is synced automatically over a Wi-Fi connection. Several physical controls are available at the top to adjust the volume, with an integrated snooze button feature. Additional features include a USB port to charge other devices and Bluetooth pairing to run audio over any local device or through Google Cast. The Google Assistant is responsible for users to control multiple smart home appliances, play music through different streaming services, and perform quick searches and other inquiries.

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IHome AV14 Smart Speaker Review


The Google Assistant supports thousands of streaming music titles and works with leading music services, such as Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music in this IHome AV14 Smart Speaker. Users can also request the Google Assistant to play their favorite radio stations via TuneIn and iHeartRadio. If the song is already working on another Google Cast device in the home, you can also cast that music to the speaker using your phone. There is also an option of casting music from a PC browser over Wi-Fi or play wireless on it via Bluetooth. All these features make it comfortable for people to use the device, and the brand is now developing new products and accessories for delivering a more smart home experience. They are also expanding this range of smart home products to include in the first music system to serve from the numerous characteristics and smart home control abilities with the Google Assistant developed into this distinct speaker.


IHome AV14 is known for its compact nature that fits right at any place in the home, along with other products working with the Google Assistant. It features a dimmable display that can be turned off for those that need a pitch-black calm environment and a gray fabric speaker grill adding it a great view to any house’s room. It completely supports the Google Assistant’s goal, which is to help users irrespective of the device they are using on a particular day. With this iHome, you can also interact with the Assistant with an available alarm clock. When this alarm clock turns off, users can simply tap the integrated snooze button or instantly turn the alarm off. They can then start the day by asking the Google Assistant to turn on the lights and other smart home products. From adjusting the thermostat, to start the coffee maker, play a music playlist, and many more services are right beside you when you own an Ihome AV14!

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