IHome IAVS16 Smart Speaker Review

IHome IAVS16 Smart Speaker Review

Music can influence your mood. Hence, ensure you choose the right speaker when listening to your playlist. IHome IAVS16 smart speaker is a top smart speaker you should consider. People love it because of its simplicity yet a stylish look. Thus, you are assured of an easy time using it.

IHome IAVS16 smart speaker also stands out as it can be personalized. First, you can connect it to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Your phone should have either iOS or android operating system. Also, you can connect your phone to wireless internet connection. Thus, you can play some songs online.

You can set an alarm to suit your schedule.

There are a variety of LED display lights to choose from.
It is costly for some people.


  • This smart speaker is black in color. Anyone can set this device in their house because of its neutrality. You don’t have to struggle looking for a spot to place it.
  • The weight of IHome IAVS16 smart speaker is 2.57 lbs. it is fairly light for everyone using it. Thus, you will have an easy time using it. This applies to carrying it, packing and handling. Its grip also reduces the chances of it falling down.
  • You can connect your mobile devices to this smart speaker through Bluetooth. This allows you to control what you are playing on your speaker via your phone.
  • Individuals who love streaming songs from internet can connect their device to Wi-Fi and access various streaming platforms.
  • IHome IAVS16 smart speaker comes with a start guide, which offers direction on how to assemble the device and start using it.
  • There is a power adapter you should connect to electricity every time you want to play music or use your smart speaker.
  • There is a USB port which can be used to charge your mobile phones.
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IHome IAVS16 Smart Speaker Review


  • IHome IAVS16 smart speaker grants users access to Alexa voice assistant. This feature takes your voice commands such as answering your question and playing music online if connected to the internet, among others. Therefore, you don’t have to physically operate your speaker each time.
  • This smart speaker has A LED display that showcases time, date, weather, alarm and if you are connected to a wireless internet. This makes it easy for you to plan your schedule in advance.
  • There is a light mode feature that allows you to choose the light your speaker will project when operating. It can be one color, fast change, slow fade or random pick.
  • IHome IAVS16 smart speaker allows you to set alarm through Alexa mobile application or Alexa voice feature.
  • There are a series of buttons at the top of this speaker that make it easy for users to enjoy their music. There is next button, previous button, volume up button, volume down button, microphone off button and play button.
  • This smart speaker has some microphone that make it easy to grasp your command from a distance or noisy background.
  • You can access plenty of streaming services if your speaker is connected to the internet. Spotify, YouTube music and Pandora are some platforms.


The functional design of iHome iAVS16 is rectangular, with rounded edges. It’s covered in a metal grille, with a huge LCD on the front with the bottom edge of the speaker having various options to change color. The speaker doesn’t take up much space as the dimensions are 7.5 x 5.8 x 3.6 inches. You generally don’t get the 7-inch display on the Echo Show, but the iHome’s great and monochrome LCD panel provides you with it. The time controls the middle area, whereas, on the left, an icon displaying the current temperature and weather conditions can be found. The top of the iAVS16 has many buttons with a circular Alexa button, surrounded by four music control buttons. It is two for volume (up and down) and two for advance/back with other four more buttons present on the speaker’s left side. Bluetooth, Phone call/answer, Alexa mute, and Sleep are the four modes that serve you when you want to take a quick nap. You can tell the speaker to play light music or adjust the lights for a set period before closing everything off. On the top right, the two buttons can be set to control audio, iHome smart plugs, and the color on the speaker device’s base. A third button controls play/pause for music, and the end button adjusts the lighting style of the LED on the support of the speaker. There are a power plug and a 2.1-amp USB port for charging your smartphone or tablet at the back of the speaker.

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IHome IAVS16 Smart Speaker Review


The iHome iAVS16 is a useful clock with a USB charging port and providing Alexa functionality, including music playback, traffic, weather updates, and alarms. It can also awaken you up by playing your favorite Spotify playlist, lacking in Amazon’s Echo devices as of now. The iHome AVS16 has excellent overall sound quality with high impact bass. The midrange is moderately even but dark and yet delivering wonderful performance. The treble is smeared, and the upper treble is muted. The speaker is considered the best choice to provide a satisfactory volume level for small to medium-sized rooms. Console controls are prominent and well labeled with a nonpersistent numerical example of sound level, which is simply repeatable through verbal commands and accessible. Audio mute and Microphone mute features are well marked, well placed, with clear indication when it is involved. The wide applications can switch between wireless sources while the volume control is prominent as a sound slider that lacks index markings making it easy to actuate. Even the Voice transport controls along with Natural language control of transport is easy to use and intuitive.


The ease-of-use of the iHome AVS16 is good with a wireless setup that just requires downloading an application to a mobile device. The default name of the device was not accepted, and at times it does not involve putting WiFi password and account settings. Bluetooth requires a press of a well-marked switch on the unit, and then the choice of the unit from the Bluetooth selection list on the source device gives apparent evidence that the unit is in pairing mode with the other device. There’s also a button to pair via Bluetooth, to put the clock into speakerphone mode, for music playback, and a separate, programmable button to trigger various things at once. I keep the Echo Dot by my bedside because of its highly good performance. When I have already been used to Alexa turning on the lights in my room early morning to answer the day’s traffic and weather, this speaker adds up more features to it. The iAVS16 is more than you can think to afford for a smart home. From full access to Spotify, ESP, and Alexa’s calling and messaging feature, to an alarm clock, all in one device makes it stand out of the crowd in the market!

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