Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

Amazon smart speakers are among the highly ranked spears to choose from. They are known for durability and top performance. Amazon Echo plus (2nd Generation) smart speaker is one of the top smart speakers at the moment. It is trending for all the good reasons such as its in-built tweeter and woofer that help project quality sound in a room.

Additionally, individuals also love the overall design of Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) smart speaker that make it easy to handle and carry while on the move. Invest in this speaker and enjoy any music you play.

You can control how your speaker will play in terms of bass and echo.

Alexa makes it easy for users to enjoy music.

It supports messages and calls.
It doesn’t have an USB port.


  • This smart speaker is covered by Amazon Echo plus (2nd Generation) Smart speaker. The material protects the in-built speaker against dust and particles.
  • The weight of Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) smart speaker is 1.7 lbs. The weight gives many users an easy time handling this speaker, minimizing the risks of falling down.
  • There is an analogue audio output port you can connect your speaker to a stereo or speaker for added sound.
  • Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) comes with a power cable which you should connect to the speaker and then to power.
  • This speaker is Bluetooth enabled. You can connect it to mobile device or a speaker. Mobile devices with either android or Fire OS operating systems are compatible with this smart speaker.
  • You should connect your device with Wi-Fi to access Alexa voice assistant.
  • Amazon Echo plus (2nd Generation) smart speaker supports calls and texting.
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Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review


  • Zigbee hub– This speaker has an in-built zigbee hub. As a result, home owners can use this device to control some compatible devices.
  • Alexa feature– Amazon Echo plus (2nd Generation) smart speaker grants all its users access to Alexa when connected to wireless internet connection. You can use this voice command to play songs across streaming platforms using your voice. Pandora, Spotify, Apple music and Amazon music are some platforms you easily access through Alexa voice feature.
  • Speaker equalizer setting– This smart speaker allows its users to set equalizer setting to meet their needs. Therefore, you can choose the bass and echo levels you want while enjoying your favorite music. This speaker also has volume buttons which you should manually press.
  • The manufacturer of Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) smart speaker installed the mute button on top of the device. This promotes privacy when you don’t want to use Alexa for controlling your smart speaker.
  • Pause button– This smart speaker has a pause button that allows its users to pause whatever they are listening to whenever necessary.


The cylindrical design with perfect engineering makes this device easily blends with any modern room of the smart home. The redesigned speaker is more stout than the old Eco Plus. The fabric grills form the speaker covering and are available in white, gray, and black versions. To describe the top of the speaker, first, it has a circular ring that emits LED lights when the Alexa assistant connects with the speaker. Inside the ring, ergonomic and smooth buttons are installed to change the volume level, mute the microphone and activate the Alexa to make the speaker work.

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The speaker’s bottom portion has a power cable plug and a port that supports a 3.5 mm audio output. Inside the speaker, the Dolby Audio gives out quality sounds from the speaker in all directions. An ambient temperature sensor, too, is a part of the sensor, which is indeed a unique addition and is built inside the speaker that guarantees to deliver the reports of the room temperature.

Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation Smart Speaker Review


Controlling inside the Echo Plus speaker is the Alexa Voice assistant. For promoting a convenient hands-free usage of the speaker, it adopts the commands and runs by the instructions given by your voice and the Alexa assistant. Since a 0.8-inch tweeter and 3-inch subwoofer lives inside the speaker, the low and high frequencies are much better and crisp with required loudness.

You can use Alexa equalizer to adjust the audio equalization, such as treble, bass, etc. The inbuilt hub in the speaker easily goes in sync with other smart home devices through a Zigbee network. You can turn on the AC, lights, or other compatible smart home equipment with just your voice commands or through the Alexa app. Just say, “Alexa, discover the device,” it will find all those devices connected with your speaker within 3 seconds. Alexa can do many more things, like streaming music, checking weather updates, setting up alerts, ordering things, calling, etc.

The seven distinct microphones strongly work in all directions to pick up your voice commands. The speaker also has a noise cancellation technology, which prevents the noises from the environment to interfere with your voice, thus, ensuring that it can receive the commands quickly. Plus, it also supports calling and messaging options easily.

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For those people searching for a multifunctional speaker that does more things than just firing audios, these speakers by Amazon are a great choice to add to the basket of tech products. Though an audiophilic may not feel the audio much powerful, they can connect the speaker to another stereo or speakers. But, for a normal listener, it delivers a quality sound, which can be personalized by equalizer settings. The inbuilt hub and temperature sensor are a notable smart addition that brings dramatic functionality to the speaker.

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