Nvidia RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070: Choose The Best GPU for You

Nvidia RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070

The graphics card that we are going to compare here are Nvidia RTX 2060 and GTX 1070. We know that the RTX 2060 is more capable and high end graphic card than GTX 1070, But nevertheless you can not ignore any of this. Here we have compared them in best possible way to help you understand more about them. So check out our comparison and get inspired to choose the best for you.

Nvidia RTX 2060Nvidia GTX 1070
RTX 2060GTX 1070
Very quiet.
It is a normal size despite its large ventilation system.
Good levels of overclocking and performance.
Ventilation with complete stop at rest.
Super quiet while running.
Power efficient.
Cutting-edge features.
Strong 1440p performance.
Easily overclocked.
The graphics connectivity is good, but it passes the USB-C that if you have the reference RTX 2060.Limited SLI capabilities.

Specification and Features

Graphic CardRTX 2060GTX 1070
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)TU106-200A-KA-A1GP104-200-A1
Chip size445 mm 2314 mm 2
CUDA Cores19201920
Base Frequency1365 MHz1506 MHz
Turbo Frequency1680 MHz1683 MHz
Memory Type14Gbps GDDR68Gbps GDDR5
Interface192 bits256 bits
Textures Rate201.60 GTexel / s201.96 GTexel / s
Pixel Rate80.64 GPixel / s107.71 GPixel / s
Single Precision Perf.6.45 TFLOPS6.46 TFLOPS
Memory Bandwidth336.00 GB / s256.00 GB / s
Dimensions228.6mm × 112.6mm266.7 mm × 111.15 mm
Manufacturing Process12 nm TSMCTSMC 16nm
Transistor Count10.8B7.2B

Nvidia RTX 2060

NVIDIA has officially presented the GeForce RTX 2060 in Las Vegas , a dedicated mid-range graphics available in the world of gaming for $ 349. NVIDIA has taken advantage of the CES framework to reinforce the catalog of new generation graphics with a highly anticipated model for users looking for high graphic performance at a reasonable price , always bearing in mind that it is not an economic component.

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The card will be marketed in retail versions for equipment upgrades and will also be installed on desktops from major manufacturers. Its deployment will be total and you can find official NVIDIA models, Founders Edition and others with custom designs from all the major providers.

Nvidia RTX 2060


We wanted you to know that it is new from NVIDIA for the mid-range, and here we can complete that information with the performance of the RTX 2060 , a graphics card that could become a very interesting option.

According to NVIDIA itself, If we talk about ray tracing, the RTX 2060 will be able to offer a good result with this setting in medium quality and 1080p resolutions , although thanks to the DLSS edge smoothing it will significantly improve performance in general.

Analysis and Conclusion

Nvidia RTX 2060 is the most balanced of its current range, the price is not cheap, but it is accessible and has very good performance levels for 1080p high frequency monitors or also 2k with more moderate frequencies. It moves perfectly in the games most frequented by the most modern players and it also has all the features of the new range including DLSS support and Ray Tracing

This particular model shines with respect to the reference models, becoming a benchmark that other manufacturers should follow. It’s fast, it’s quiet, it’s not too cumbersome, and its cooling system is simply magnificent. It only has one drawback, and surely for most of you who are going to read this article it will not pose any problem, and that is that it lacks the USB-C connector that we like so much and that allows us to have on each double screen connecting a single cable for power and video of a 15 ”screen size..

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Nvidia GTX 1070

The Geforce GTX 1070 has opened the ban for Nvidia to release its new 16nm Pascal chips for all ranges. The medium and low ranges will have to wait a few more months, but the high range has a new model, somewhat cheaper, which will be the most suitable alternative for those seeking high quality performance at somewhat more accessible prices.

The NVIDIA GTX 1070 will probably be the last novelty of interest that the green giant will present within its current generation of graphics cards based on the Pascal architecture, which as we know has pulled muscle and raw power to improve performance compared to Maxwell.

Nvidia GTX 1070


Nvidia GTX 1070 has significant performance cuts, there is no doubt, but even so Nvidia has managed to manage the cuts to be as much or faster than any of the previous generation models. With very similar performance to the GeForce GTX 980ti and a much lower price.

It maintains adequate performance levels to move the latest 4K games with quality, at least at decent frequencies. It is a major improvement over the previous generation, the GeForce GTX 970, and with the same data bus as the top model. Even so, we think it is a graphics that shines more working at 2K resolutions, where it would be able to feed the monitors for more powerful players, from 100Hz vertical frequency onwards, with really high quality levels.

Analysis and Conclusion

The prices of the new Nvidia models are anything but friendly. This card really does have a substantial improvement over the previous model. It consumes less, runs a lot more and will be an interesting support to play at higher frequencies and with higher quality games. It is also a good base option for those looking for sufficient performance to access quality virtual reality.

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With it’s specifications we expect the performance to be between 5% and 15% lower than that of a GTX 1080 , a very small margin that could undoubtedly be overcome with a high overclock in the GPU and graphics memory.

Which is Better?

We have already given you well sufficient information about both Nvidia RTX 2060 and GTX 1070. Well it is known to everyone that GeForce RTX 2060 is a somewhat faster than the GeForce GTX 1070 and it more capable too. The bottom line is that RTX 2060 is more superior in terms of performance, features and price. So decide on your needs and affordability which is better for you? We believe that this article will be beneficial for you….Enjoy Gaming…

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