How to Get Diamonds Fast In Royale High: Tips and Tricks

How To Get Diamonds Fast In Royale High

Would you like to have infinite diamonds at Royale High? We show you the best tricks.

Roblox has become a phenomenon in the gamer community , since its visual aspect and game mechanics are quite “simple”. So much so, that it has attracted the attention of millions of players from all over the world.

Thanks to its compatibility, you will be able to log in and play from different platforms , both on computers, mobile phones and Xbox One, and even spend long hours of entertainment exploring virtual worlds.

And even though Roblox has a host of games , only a handful stand out from the rest, including: Royale High . In this article, you will learn the best ways to get diamonds fast in Royale High.

How to Get Diamonds in Royale High

The diamonds Royale High is the most important within the map, because thanks to them you can buy everything that is available in the store , whether dresses, hairstyles, scepters, crowns, home decorations, wings and more.

And for the diamonds to be yours you must make your avatar pass over them, either walking or flying and it will automatically be credited to your balance sheet . However, this task is not easy, since there are very few that you can get on the road.

One of the fastest and most reliable ways to add coins is by buying Robux ; but we know that not all players have real money. So if you want to buy exclusive accessories and items at Royale High without spending a single penny, these are the steps you have to follow:

Access your computer in Royale High

The Royale High map grants all players a beautiful and luxurious apartment at no cost , in which you can invite your friends, rest and much more. Each of them comes with an integrated computer so you can get coins.

Log in to the computer and claim free diamonds every 16 hours at Royale High.

To win Royale High diamonds totally free you just have to access the computer and thus you will win a total of 100 diamonds . This task can be done every 16 hours .

Try your Luck Spinning the Roulette

This server is quite extensive , but an easy way to get diamonds is by spinning the wheel . The roulette wheel is located in the town of Royale High, exactly opposite the “Sapphire” venue.

Spin the wheel and win lots of coins to buy at Royale High.

To make it spin, you just have to click on the roulette wheel and wait for the spin to finish, in said roulette you can win different prizes such as accessories and thousands of diamonds . This task can be done every 16 hours .

Have a Chat with the Source

After claiming the prize on the roulette wheel , the next thing you should do is go to the source that is in the same place, you only have to fly a few meters to the north and you will run into the well.

You can recognize this fountain because it is in front of a building with a giant star . To claim the diamonds, click on the source, which will display a simple quiz. We recommend that you select the first option in all the questions, and try again every 45 minutes .

Earn diamonds while you sleep

Like any Roblox map, you must level up the character and thus improve its skills , because Royale High is no exception. To increase your experience in this game, the best thing you can do is rest on the bed in your apartment.

Get a good night’s sleep and earn quick money while you sleep.

Just as you read! Sleeping at Royale High will not only make you level up, but it will also earn you up to 300 diamonds each time you decide to rest. This activity can be done every 16 hours .


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