Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

Nothing should hinder you from enjoying music in your house. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker is one of the speakers you can purchase for all your music needs. Many people find it convenient to carry this speaker around. Also, it can be connected to headphones or speakers via audio cable or Bluetooth. The in-built speakers of Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker use Dolby to project bass and vocals. Hence, be assured of quality sound anytime you play your favorite music.

That’s not all; users can access Alexa voice assistant for music, news update and play online radio stations.

It has a powerful microphone that can be used across the room.

It is Wi-Fi connectable.

You can control what you are listening with your voice.
It can’t answer all the questions.


  • Power supply cord- You will be given a power supply cord, which you should connect to your Smart speaker and then to power for continued streaming. The box comes with a guide, which makes it easy to connect and start using your device.
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker has an audio cable that allows you to connect it to either speaker or headphones.
  • Bluetooth- Many individuals choose this smart speaker because of its Bluetooth, which can be paired with Smartphones that have iOS and android as their operating systems. Hence, you can control what you are listening with your mobile phone.
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker can be connected to Wi-Fi to access various services including voice assistant.
  • The weight of this smart speaker is 2.1 lbs. Therefore, be assured of an easy time handling and carrying your device from one spot to another.
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) supports calling and messaging. Therefore, you can comfortably use your phone while playing music.
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Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review


  • Microphone off feature – There is a button on top of Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker that allows to turn off the microphone when not in use. As such, you are assured of your personal privacy.
  • Room filled sound- Be assured of quality sound when you play your favorite music with this smart speaker thanks to the in-built Dolby speakers.
  • Alexa voice control- All the users of Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker have access to Alexa voice control if they are connected to a wireless internet. You can command Alexa on the songs to play, weather updates and news updates, among others. Alexa can work from any part of the room.
  • Streaming services- This smart speaker allows you to stream songs from various platforms such as Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music and Pandora, among others. Additionally, you can also access news, radio stations and audio books.
  • You have full control over the volume you would like to project through buttons on top of this device. It can be reducing or increasing the volume.
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker has a pause button you can use to pause what you are listening.


The Amazon Echo 2nd Generation is small and looks lively with tons of features and 2.5’’ woofer and 0.6” tweeter. It helps users to connect with and control smart devices. It comes with a 3.5mm port to connect it to an external device. One could even connect it to a Bluetooth device to stream music. The top part of the Echo 2nd generation comes with four buttons, the volume buttons, the mute, and the action button. No worries, it comes with Alexa and Dolby Digital as well. The ring light indicates that Alexa is actively ready to take your commands. The seven microphone array is one of the best features of the Echo, as it would be able to hear you even while playing loud audio. The whole device stands 5.8 inches tall and 3.4 inches wide. The Echo shell has a fabric mesh along with a power port to get it charged. The whole device weighs about 821 grams and supports dual-band wifi.

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Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review


Undoubtedly, the Amazon Echo provides an amazing audio streaming service. The warranty of the product is for one year. However, U.S. customers could extend their warranty by up to 3 years. The updated version of Amazon echo works miraculously better than its previous version and has several accessibility features to control smart devices. You could also ask Alexa to get weather updates or set up your alarms. It does it all. All you need to do is to ask it once and watch the magic happen on its own. It comes in six different designs and colors so you could choose the right one for yourself. Set reminders, or ask Alexa to open and control any app, and the Echo will do it all for you. It has an amazing range from which you would be able to hear and recognize your voice. Even if the music is loud, you would be able to command it.


Dolby processing is great with Amazon Echo 2nd generation. The Boombastic sound that it provides would fill your ears with some eargasms! Moreover, you would be able to stream your music from any app, be it Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. You just need to log in to your favorite music streaming app on the Alexa app, and then you are good to go. It could read the news for you and even set your room temperature as desired. Have full command of your house! Ask Alexa to turn off the light, dim the lights, or even lock the doors! It does everything you could imagine off. People with disabilities might find this device to be very useful.

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