Sony SRS-XB501G Smart Speaker Review

Sony SRS-XB501G Smart Speaker Review

Technology keeps on improving as time progresses. Smart speakers are one of the trending devices at the moment. Sony SRS- XB501G smart speaker is one of these devices. It functions though Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Also, its design, weight and shape make it portable to carry it from one spot to another. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite songs while on the move for hours while on a full charge. Sony SRS-XB501G smart speaker is also easy to operate. Above all, its manufacturer has an excellent reputation in producing quality products.

Its battery is durable, allowing you to enjoy music for roughly 16 hours.

A lot of people find it pocket-friendly.

It projects enough sound to a large room.

It supports external storage devices such as flash disk.
It doesn’t support messages and calls.


  • Sony SRS-XB501G Smart Speaker is well known for its good quality sound projection.
  • This speaker can connect to a Wi-Fi. Hence, you can download its application into a device and stream your favorite music through Bluetooth.
  • The manufacturer recommends its usage to large rooms because of its powerful speaker and volume capability.
  • Multi-room support- You can adjust the output setting of your Sony SRS-XB501G smart speaker to meet your individuals need.
  • This smart speaker comes with a manual, making it easy for individuals to operate.
  • Sony SRS-XB501G smart speaker weighs 6 lbs. This is fairly light hence making it easy to carry from one spot to another inside the house.
  • A full charge of this device can last up to 16 hours, depending on how you are using it.
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Sony SRS-XB501G Smart Speaker Review


  • Voice command– This speaker has a voice command feature that allows you to stream different music genre using your voice. Additionally, all the voice commands are instant.
  • There is a button on Sony SRS-XB501G smart speaker where you can mute the voice command microphone when you are not using it.
  • This smart speaker grants you full control on the audio you are projecting. Hence, you can increase or decrease the volume to meet your individual’s needs.
  • USB Port– There is a USB port that allows you to play music from a flash disk.
  • Tone setting feature– Sony SRS- XB501G has adjustable tone setting feature that gives you control over the tone you want your music to play with.


Sony has always been one of the top companies of all time to maintain a premium quality experience. The Sony SRS-XB501G Smart speaker is one of those fine devices that allows you to blast great music. It is a 6lbs Bluetooth speaker with a built-in carrying handle, which makes it easy to carry and maintain. It has a unique, robust look, and the exterior design resembles a compact boombox. The speakers have a color-shifting LED light bars which switch color depending on the music you’re listening to. It comes with a hard plastic body and a sleek metal frame on the front, which allows a wide range of frequencies for great sound quality. There is also a USB port at the back of the speaker. It is an excellent and durable device for indoor or pool parties.

Sony SRS-XB501G Smart Speaker


This device assures a powerful bass that allows exceptional sound quality. The best part of this speaker is the Google assistant enabled integration that allows one to connect to your smart devices and stream music via several applications like the Bluetooth or Google Chromecast app. The battery lasts up to to 16 hours if fully charged and has a decent weight, and can be carried easily. This device has a Mica-Reinforced Cellular speaker cone, which doesn’t allow this device to have distorted audio. The best part of this device is the LED lights that that sync to the beat of the music, making it a great device for parties.

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If you’re an outgoing person who loves to party, then the Sony SRS-XB501G Smart Speaker is a great product for you; it has a strong bass and a high-grade sound quality with easy to control buttons and a good battery life that lasts up to 16 hours if used properly. Overall it is a reliable product. Even if you are not a party animal, this device can be a good option for movie dates at home.

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