Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

The device you use to listen to music determines if you will enjoy your favorite songs on not. That’s why you should carefully choose an excellent smart speaker. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) smart speaker is one of the speakers you should consider. It allows you to play your favorite music from your phone or online platforms. You can also get the latest news from your voice.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) smart speaker also allows you to send messages and make calls. Therefore, you don’t have to disconnect your device from the speaker every time you want to converse with someone. Besides, you will have an easy time operating your device.

It has powerful in-built speaker.

It has excellent microphones.

It is portable.
Alexa voice assistant can’t answer all questions.


  • Analogue output- Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) smart speaker allows its users to connect to speakers and stereos through the analogue output cable. As a result, they can add the projected sound they require when listening to their favorite songs.
  • The weight of this smart speaker is 0.55 lbs. This is fairly light when compared to the weight competitive smart speakers. Despite this, it is among the most powerful speakers to choose from.
  • Bluetooth feature- Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) smart speaker can be paired with mobile devices and speakers through Bluetooth. Therefore, you can play music from your mobile phone and increase the number of speakers playing your favorite music.
  • Wi-Fi- Users can connect their device to wireless internet connection to enjoy some services such as online streaming and Alexa assistant.
  • This smart speaker allows its users to make calls and send messages while connected to their mobile phone. Thus, users don’t have to pair and unpair their device every time they want to talk to someone else.
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Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review


  • Alexa voice feature- Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) smart speaker can be connected to Alexa voice assistant when connected to internet. You can use this feature to play music, send messages, calls and get answers to some questions from your comfort zone.
  • Volume buttons- The speaker has two volume buttons at the top. You can either add or reduce the overall volume of your device.
  • Far field microphones- This smart speaker has microphones that can grasp your command while on the other end of the room, or in a noisy environment. This gives you full control of what you are listening from any corner of your room. You can also control thermostats and lights if they are connected to a similar device.
  • Mute microphone button- Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) smart speaker has a microphone mute button that can be used when you don’t require Alexa voice assistant services.
  • You can access various streaming services or use online radio with this device. TuneIn, Spotify, Amazon music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Amazon music are some platforms you can access with this device.
  • This smart speaker has a pause button, which easily pauses what you are listening to.


No doubt, the Amazon Echo Dot looks subtle and neat. It comes with a stunning voice recognizer and weighs 163 grams. On top of the Echo dot, you will be able to find four buttons. The buttons are there to increase or reduce the volume, mute and listen. The amassment of seven microphones helps to hear you out better. It comes with a ring light that means Alexa is awake and ready to take your commands. The petite device stands only 1.43 inches tall. Because of this reason, you would be able to carry it anywhere anytime. When you check its rear end, you will find a USB port to power your new gadget. Fancy an external device for your Dot, which comes with a 3.6 mm port. Connect the Dot with wifi via the Alexa app. Moreover, you could even use it with your Bluetooth accessibility and disconnect it as and when required.

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Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen Smart Speaker Review


The Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation) Smart Speaker has an excellent configuration to recognize voice and commands. You would be able to listen to your favorite songs on Spotify with just a few steps. All you need to do is log in to your Spotify account via Amazon Prime Music and command it to play your favorite song. For instance, ask Alexa, “Alexa, play Wildlife,” and it won’t even take a second for it to play your songs. One of the prime features of the Echo Dot is that it will pick up your voice even if the speaker is playing loud nearby. It just doesn’t end over here. You could even set a timer for your workout sessions and much more. There are plenty of features to utilize, and you just need to look through the curtains and get a glimpse.


The 2nd Gen Amazon Echo Dot comes in a teeny-tiny package. The device looks opulent, and you can carry it anywhere without hassle. The speaker works remarkably well, and you could even attach some external speakers as well. Setting your alarm and timer has never been this easy. The Echo Dot is a complete game-changer with all its utilities and features that it provides. Even if it has a place to connect an external device, it could do better in this area. There’s a lot of potentials to do even better. Even if Alexa gets regular updates, however, one could look for more from it. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly smart assistant, the Amazon Echo Dot could be the one for you.

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