808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker Review

808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker Review

Smart speakers are taking entertainment on another level. 808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker is one of them. It ensures you are entertained while on the move. It is light allowing you to carry it around. Additionally, this smart speaker is easy to set up and operate. That’s why you should choose it and enjoy different music.

This speaker also allows you to pair it with other speakers when playing it in a big room. You can also control what you are listening through Alexa voice assistant. The packaging box comes with a power adapter and start up guide. Hence, you will have an easy time operating your 808 Audio XL-V smart speaker.

808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker Review

It friendly for first time users.

Alexa makes it easy to play different music genre.
It lacks a USB port.


  • 2 lbs. – The weight of 808 Audio XL-V Smart speakers is 2 lbs, which makes it manageable in terms of carrying around and handling. That is why anyone who possesses this smart speaker has an easy time handling. The dimensions of this speaker also favor its users.
  • Bluetooth enabled– This Smart speaker can be connected to other devices such as phones, tablets and computers through Bluetooth. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite songs stored on your mobile phone.
  • Wi-Fi enabled– 808 Audio Xl-V Smart Speaker is one of the new generation speakers as it can be connected to a wireless internet connection. As a result, you can stream different music genre from platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon music, Iheartradio and TuneIn, among others.
  • Audio guides– You can access free audio guides to help you in the set up process until you can start playing music with your device. Therefore, first time users will have an easy time using the speaker.
  • You will be given a power cord adapter anytime you purchase 808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker for charging your device.
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808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker Review


  • Volume button– There are two volume buttons that give you full control of the amount of volume to project at any given time. You can manually reduce or add the volume.
  • Alexa voice assistant– Your device should be connected to a wireless internet connection to enjoy the services of Alexa voice assistant. Music commands, weather update and latest news highlights are some services you can enjoy from Alexa voice assistant.
  • Mute button– 808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker has a mute button that allows you to mute Alexa voice assistant when not in use.
  • This Smart speaker grants you full control of Alexa by downloading the application on your mobile phone. The application supports mobile devices with iOS, Android, and Fire OS operating systems.
  • Compatible with other speakers– You can connect 808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker whenever you need additional speakers for your room.

808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker Review


The exterior of the speaker has a sleek, cylindrical, and minimalistic look. The speaker is Wi-Fi enabled and allows a wide range of frequency when music is played. Along with this, on the top, there is the volume control. At the low end of the speaker, there is the power and Bluetooth button. Since the speaker is lightweight, one may carry the speakers anywhere with them without any hassle.


Following the digital trends of the 21st century, Bluetooth speakers are becoming lighter and more compact but can these speakers promise you outstanding audio quality? While restoring the average size, the 808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker offers the exquisite art of great sound. It is one of those products that guarantees innovation and creativity. This brilliant speaker allows you to pick the distinctive music, news, sports scores, or audiobooks without having to press several buttons as it can be controlled through Alexa voice assistant, making life simpler.

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The  808 Audio XL-V Smart Bluetooth Speaker at 2lbs gives a clear and loud sound quality. With the help of Alexa voice assistant, one can connect and stream music or audiobooks from various platforms like Spotify, Amazon audiobooks, Apple Music, and to name a few. It has multi-room audio, which allows users to pair this device with other speakers in the room for them to stream audio simultaneously. It delivers crisp sound quality, allowing you to have an exceptional experience at home. The speaker also has a great battery life, and on a full charge, the speaker can run for about 7 to 8 hours.


The 808 Audio XL-V Smart Speaker has an impressive rating on the Amazon app. The speaker allows your home to be a smart space. You can integrate this device with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to help deliver your queries, playback music, narrate sports scores or news, and even announce the weather forecast. It’s not too big, quite compact and overall a good product with good sound quality.

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