Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker Review

Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker Review

You should take time from your busy schedule and relax. Listening to music is one of the ways of restoring your lost energy. Altec Lansing live 2 Go Smart Speaker is one of the devices you can play your favorite music. Above all, you can carry it from one spot to another while enjoying your music. The manufacture of this smart speaker has an excellent reputation in the production of quality products.

Altec Lansing live 2 Go Smart Speaker outshines many speakers because of its Google assistant that gives users and easy time searching for their favorite music. This device is also compatible with wireless internet connection and Bluetooth. That’s why it should be your number one selection.

It allows you to carry it around.

It is among the easy to use speakers because of its interface.

You can control it using your phone.
It lacks a USB cable port.

It doesn’t support calls or messaging.


  • This Smart Speaker can be paired with gadgets such as mobile, tablets and computers through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth capacity of this speaker is 30 feet. Therefore, you can connect your Smart Speaker with up to 50 speakers depending on your needs.
  • Wi-Fi connection enabled- Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows you to stream music through various online platforms such as Pandora and Spotify, among others.
  • The weight of this Smart Speaker is 2.6 lbs., which automatically makes it easy to carry around while on the move. Besides, its overall design allows you to carry it in your bag pack.
  • Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for 6 hours on a full charge. The battery durability is excellent when compared to other devices.
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Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker Review


  • Voice recognition feature– This Smart Speaker has a voice recognition feature that gives you full control over your device. Google assistant gives you control over what you are listening and provides some answers to your questions. There is a button on top of the device that makes it easy for its users to communicate with Google assistant.
  • Waterproof speaker– The manufacturer of Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker quoted its speakers with a waterproof material that makes it resistant to water. As a result, you can comfortably hike or attend beach parties with your speaker.
  • Mobile application– You can download Google home application on your phone and have an easy time controlling your Smart Speaker.
  • LED light indicator– There is a light indicator on Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker which notifies its users if the speaker is on or off.
  • This Smart Speaker has a pause button you can use to halt your music for a while before resuming.
  • Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker has two volume buttons. One is for adding and the other one is for adding the volume and the other one is for reducing the volume.


A good product design not only attracts the buyer but also creates an expression or displays the aesthetic of a product. The Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker has a contemporary appearance with assorted waterproof material. The portable Altec Lansing live 2 Go Smart Speaker. It has multiple smart features like the Google Assistant that can help you with the weather report, music and news as well, the Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity that allows you to stream music from Spotify, Google Play music and to name a few, and Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to connect the daily gadgets like your smartphone, laptop or desktop.

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It has a colossal premium design with only 2.6 lbs of light-weighted quality. The portable wireless speaker comes with a rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 6 hours. It has four buttons on the side, including the power button on top, following the microphone, Bluetooth, and the factory data reset button. Apart from the four buttons on the side, at the top of the Bluetooth speaker are other four buttons ranging from the Google Assistant, the volume up and down button, the play and pause button. It comes in the majestic color black.


Altec Lansing Live 2 Go Smart Speaker can be your go-to speaker as it has the Google Assistant feature that gives users the option of connecting their music, news, or audiobooks from their device. Due to its simplified button system, it is easy to use and follow, making the experience of sound delightful. People can carry it anywhere with them without the hassle of wires or heavyweight. The best part of this portable speaker is the long-lasting battery and waterproof material. Apart from all these exceptional features, speakers are known for their music/audio quality, and hence going with the performance of the Altec Lansing Live 2 Bluetooth speaker, it has great audio quality. It is definitely one of the loudest portable speakers. It is great for all those music bass lovers.


The Altec Lansing Live 2 Go overall has a good sound quality. If you are looking for a loud audio quality speaker for hosting both indoor and outdoor parties, then this product is perhaps a good option, given the Google Assistant connectivity in which you can stream music via Spotify, Amazon music, or any other music streaming application. One of its great features is that this device is waterproof. So, for instance, if you’re playing music while cooking or listening to food recipes and if any accidental splash of water, this speaker is safe, or for another instance, if you’re enjoying a pool party where accidents are bound to happen but worry not the Altec Lansing has got you covered.

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