Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Smart Speaker Review

Are you confused on the surprise you get your children? Choose Amazon Echo Dot kids edition smart speaker and allow them to listen to age appropriate music, stories and get answers to some questions. Above all, it is safe for children to use. They will only access materials appropriate for their age. Alexa voice command is what stands out on this device. It is powerful enough to recognize your child’s voice from the other end of the room. This makes it easy to use.

Ensure this device is connected to Wi-Fi for your children to access Alexa voice assistant. Above all; the device comes with a manual on how to operate it. There are also different colors to choose from. It can be green, red or blue.

It has filters to ensure your baby access only appropriate materials.

Its in-built speaker is powerful for a room.

It comes with a user manual.
Some kids may have challenge using Alexa voice assistant.


  • It comes with a manual guide for first time users. Hence, users will have an easy time connecting and using their pair of Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition smart speaker.
  • The weight of this smart speaker is 0.55 lbs. The weight is favorable for your kids. Hence, they can easily change the position of this speaker. The manufacturer also ensured the dimensions support moving from one place to another, reducing the chances of breaking.
  • Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition smart speaker comes with an analog audio output that is 3.5 mm long. The audio output can be connected to a stereo or speaker.
  • This smart speaker can be connected with wireless connection. It’s the only way of accessing Alexa voice.
  • You can pair your baby’s phone and external speakers through Bluetooth. This feature helps personalize how your loved ones listen to music.
  • The box comes with a power adapter which makes should be connected to the speaker and then power.
  • There is also a manual guide on how to use Alexa.
  • Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition smart speaker comes with Ask Alexa guide.
  • Users can text and make calls while connected to the device.
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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Smart Speaker Review


  • In-built speaker– Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition smart speaker is capable of projecting up to 1.2 watt. It is pretty powerful for a single room.
  • There is a button on top of the speaker where you can either reduce or add the volume of music playing, depending on the time of the day.
  • This smart speaker grants access to kid’s audio books and audio games, which will keep them entertained throughout the day. You should be connected to internet to access the audio books.
  • Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition smart speaker has a pause button that makes it easy to temporarily stop music on the device.
  • Automatic filter– This smart speaker has an automatic filter feature that controls the music your young one enjoy when streaming online from platform such as Apple music, Amazon music and Spotify.
  • Children can use their Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition smart speaker to control switches and lights connected to a similar device.
  • There is a mute button that stops the microphone from operating. This offers the required privacy whenever required.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Smart Speaker Review


Amazon’s launched Echo Dot Kid’s Edition Speaker boasts a kid-oriented colorful design that will be appealing aesthetics to any countertop you select to place the speaker along with pleasing your child. You can have the speaker in two kid-themed colors- rainbow scheme and frost blue shade. The rainbow designed model has colorful stripes that run over the white background, whereas the frost blue shade uniformly fills up the speaker without any other color mixture.

The Kids Edition Speaker offers a hockey puck design with a plastic fabric wrapped over the circumference. The top portion of the speaker is where you’ll be handling various functions to control the functionality of the device. These buttons include volume down, volume up, mic off button, and action button. Also, a LED light ring is cut out at the top plate. As soon as you connect the speaker to the assistant, the LED ring will illuminate, indicating that the device is on active mode. On the sides of the Kids Edition speaker, there is a port for connecting the speaker to the power cable to operate it. A 3.5 mm audio output accompanies this power output, which will help connect the speaker to other speakers to convert the room into an audio theatre.

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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Smart Speaker Review


The Echo Dot Kid’s Edition is designed to give a kid-friendly performance. The Alexa assistant with the Alexa app, when connected via WiFi, allows the kid to play music, hear kid stories, and call those friends and relatives approved by the parent. The speaker also comes with a fun Freetime Unlimited subscription free for one year from the date of purchase. The speaker also intends to deliver the learning opportunities to the kid in a fun way. The kids can ask questions to Alexa, get the data of weather information, and inculcate good habits by setting alarms and timers for waking up or other tasks.

All the contents offered through the speaker are kid-friendly, and it will automatically filter explicit songs or other audio contents. The parenting controls keep the speaker used by the kid in a limit, which you can set up and change accordingly. The improved speaker quality than Echo Dot Gen 2 fires a louder sound so that your kid can hear and enjoy every word and beats clearly. The Far-field recognition enhances the speaker’s performance, and now your kid can give commands to the Alexa while sitting on any corner of the room.


The Echo Dot Kid’s Edition is a perfect epitome of how controlled and featured should a kid speaker must be. The kid will be able to get access to a lot of audio content and also help to self regulate their regular tasks to some extent, which is one of the good ideas taken by Amazon to fix into this speaker. For parents who want their kids to experience a fun time and learning through entertainment, these speaker is an ideal choice limited in the kid speaker market.

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