Google Home Max Smart Speaker Review

Google Home Max Smart Speaker Review

Google Company hasn’t been left out in the production of smart speakers. The Company has produced Google Home Max smart speaker that has completely transformed entertainment. You no longer have to carry around big stereos from one spot to another in order to enjoy your favorite songs. Invest in this light weight smart speaker and have an easy time moving with it.

You will also be impressed by the fact it is easy to set and use. Connect a power cable in your Google home max smart speaker and plug it in a socket.  There are also buttons at the top of the speaker that make it easy to control your device.

Its microphone is powerful.

Google assistant make it easy to use it.
It might be expensive for some individuals.


  • This smart speaker is dull in color. As a result, it can perfectly fit in any home setting despite the color.
  • The weight of Google home max smart speaker is 11.55 lbs. individuals have an easy time carrying and handling their smart speaker. The dimensions of this speaker also allow you to pack it in your bag.  Also, the design of the base makes it stable when placed on top of a surface.
  • You will find a power supply which you must use anytime you want to play music with your device.
  • Google home max smart speaker can be connected to mobile devices through Bluetooth. Afterward, you can play music straight from your mobile phone.
  • This smart speaker permits calling on contacts saved on the phone while still connected to it via Bluetooth.
  • The box containing Google home max smart speaker comes with a start guide that make it easy for anyone to use this smart speaker.
  • There is a jack that can you insert in your device. It can be either a mobile phone or tablet, among others.
  • Google home max smart speaker can be connected to wireless internet connection. This gives you access to unlimited services.
  • There is a USB port that you can connect a flash disk and enjoy your music.
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Google Home Max Smart Speaker Review


  • Google assistant– Google home max speaker gives its users access to Google voice assistant when connected to a wireless internet connection. This feature allows you to play music, know weather and get answers to various questions.
  • Streaming services– You can play music and radio from various online platforms. It can access YouTube music, Spotify and Pandora, among others.
  • In-built speaker– This is one of the few smart speakers that posses a powerful in-built speaker. The in-built speaker has amplifiers, tweeters and a woofer. That’s why it can project enough sound to a room.
  • This smart speaker has buttons at the top. They make it easy to control your device ranging from play and volume, among others.
  • The speaker has powerful microphone that can grasp your voice command from the other end of the room.


Perhaps Google is not the very first company that pop-ups in your mind when you think of a smart speaker, but it is slowly emerging to be the one. The company is highly renowned for producing a kind Google Home line-up, including the Google Home Max smart speaker and many others. However, what truly sets apart this speaker from the rest is its design and functions. The very first thing that you will notice is that the Google Home Max is big as compared to other speakers like the Apple Homepod. The smart speaker also takes over others in terms of dimensions- 33.5 x 18.7 x 15 cm and weighs around 5.3 kg. As a result, the Google Home Max is not portable or travel-friendly.

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Google Home Max smart speaker is simply built beautifully with round edges, an impressive seamlessly-installed fabric in the front that Google claims to be “acoustically transparent,” and a smooth plastic finish. Just beneath the cloth speaker grille, we have 4 LEDs that display volume levels, 4.5-inch woofers for amazing sound quality, and 0.7-inch tweeters to emphasize the production of bass.

At the lower part of the back panel of Google Home Max is a USB-C port that acts as an ethernet port with an adapter and a 3.5mm jack for wired audio input. Most importantly, a big thanks to the magnetic resting pad that comes along with it. It aids the smart speaker to comfortably stand firm vertically or horizontally without fumbling or scraping your precious furniture.

Google Home Max Smart Speaker Review


Google Home Max is obviously not just an ordinary speaker; it is a Google Assistant speaker. To set it up, all you have to do is use the Google Home app on iOS or Android and say  “Hey, Google” to play music from popular streaming services, including YouTyube, Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play Music, etc.

It outperforms numerous other smart speakers in terms of its terrific performance. It is loud enough to be the life of the party and delivers a bass that you can actually feel depending on the song you have played. Interestingly, the Google Home Max makes every music enjoyable, from soft acoustic ones to energized feet-tapping hip hop tracks and even podcasts. 

You can connect your devices with Google Home Max smart speaker through Bluetooth to play your favorite music directly from your smartphones. In addition to this, this smart speaker also enables you to make a call to any contact saved on the phone while still being connected to Bluetooth. The in-built far-field microphones ingeniously pick up your voice commands from across the room to play music, skip tracks, adjust volume settings, ask questions, or basically anything that an assistant does.

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Google knew that if it would name something ‘Max,’ it would be best to provide excellent sound quality, which the Google Home Max does not fail to justify. To achieve this quality, Google placed 6 internal microphones and a self-adjusting equalizer to enjoy limit-less superior sound quality in every corner of the house. Perhaps the best thing about this smart speaker is its minimal design and relaxed, laid-back colors that go well with any colored walls.

According to me, the only concerning thing about Google Home Max is its physical mute switch attached to its back that is not as good in picking your voice as Google Home Mini or Google Nest Hub Max. Overall, it is one of the best, fully integrated, and great-sounding smart speakers suitable to fit large rooms.

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