Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Review

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Review

Smart speakers have different shapes and sizes. You need a portable speaker if you are always on the move.  Google Home Mini smart speaker is one of the lightweight speakers you should consider. It is easy to pack in your bag pack. Besides this, its users love it for its excellent performance. It applies to speaker and its unique features.

Google home mini smart speaker comes in two different colors. Both colors are dull, making it easy for this device to blend with any color setting. You will also have an easy time using it because of its voice assistant feature.

It has a modern design.

It is pocket-friendly.

It has powerful microphone.
You are limited to output audio options.


  • The weight of Google Home Mini smart speaker is 0.55 lbs. This makes it among the light smart speakers. Therefore, you will have an easy time packing, handling and moving with your smart speaker.  You will also be impressed by its design.
  • This smart speaker comes with a 150 cm long power cord that should be connected to power after being fixed on your devices. It should be connected to power every time you want to use it.
  • Google Home smart speaker can be connected with mobile devices with Bluetooth. Afterward, you can play your favorite songs stored in your phone. The Bluetooth coverage range is estimated to be 30 feet radius.
  • There is an option of connecting your smart speaker to a wireless internet connection and enjoy some streaming services.
  • A lot of people have an easy time setting up and using this device because of the start guide that accompanies the speaker.
  • Anyone using Google home mini smart speaker can comfortably make calls to contacts saved on their contact list while their mobile phones are still connected to their device.
  • Aluminum is the material used in the production of this smart speaker. Hence, be assured of long term service.
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Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Review


  • Google Home mini smart speaker has a Google voice assistant that makes it easy to operate it. It can play music, tell time, explain the current weather, news update and answer various questions. Hence, you don’t have to physically touch the speaker to operate it.
  • Far voice assisted microphones– This speaker has some in-built microphones meant to recognize voice commands from the other end of the room. Thus, your commands can be heard from anywhere in the room.
  • There are various buttons that can be used to control your speaker. These buttons are rewind, volume up, volume down, pause and play buttons.
  • Google home mini smart speaker gives you access to various online platforms when connected to the internet. Therefore, you can stream various songs or even play online radio.
  • The speaker of this device is powerful enough to project enough sound in a room. Hence, you don’t need an extra speaker when playing your favorite song.


The Google Home Mini smart speaker lives up to the company’s standards in aesthetics and intriguing appearance. It resembles the unique shape of a macaron with fabric texture on the top and a matte plastic finish on its bottom. This smart speaker merely weighs 0.55 lbs, making it extremely convenient for someone who is constantly traveling around the world. Its diameter is approximately 4-inches with smooth and curved sides.

Coming down to the lower part of the Google Home Mini smart speaker, it features a speaker that can be used for interaction by just tapping once, a microphone switch, and a USB port to provide power. You can get your hands on the Google Home Mini smart speaker in numerous pleasing colors such as grey, black, and coral.

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The switch attached to the back of the Google Home Mini smart speaker makes it easier to mute its microphones just by sliding it forth and back. The Home Mini smart speaker comes with a 150 cm long power cord that needs to be attached while using it. You can use this voice-controlled smart speaker to play music, add things to the shopping list, create calendar appointments, cast a video on Chromecast, etc.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Review


The Google Home Mini is hands-down, one of the most inexpensive Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers. Most importantly, its compact size and affordable price does not hamper the quality of its sound and voice recognition feature. If you are thinking about what the smart speaker performs for you, then let me tell you that the list is huge. From making a call in the US, streaming music through different platforms such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and YouTube, etc., to requesting a YouTube video on your Chromecast, it can do a whole lot of things effortlessly. 

Interestingly, the fabric mesh on the speaker’s top is not merely for the looks as tapping on it can play or pause the music. You can also spot four LEDs on the front section of this mini smart speaker that lights up to reflect that your action has been registered whenever you touch or pass over a voice command. Placing your finger on the right or left sides of the speaker can raise or lower the volume, which is a convenient option. In other words, the controls of Google Home Mini are extremely sensitive.

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In addition to this, connecting your device to the Google Home Mini smart speaker just takes a fraction of the second through the Google Home app. It begins with small informative lessons about how it works or resources to give you plenty of free audio content. Once you have successfully connected your device with the Google Home Mini, you simply gain access to smart and comfortable listening experiences. People can either be specific about their music requests or tap the Cast button to allow the Home Mini to play something soothing for you. 

The Google Home Mini smart speaker comes with built-in microphones that easily recognize your voice commands from a distance. As a result, you don’t have to be in close contact with the speaker as it can hear your commands from the other end of the room. Most importantly, a few months ago, Google included the capability of making phone calls from Google Home Mini smart speakers that can be further used to relocate your smartphone if you have lost it somewhere in the home.


The lightweight body paired with the palm-sized eye-pleasing ergonomic design makes the Google Home Mini one of the best smart speakers. It has an abundance of impressive features for people who like interacting devices and their multipurpose functions. Moreover, if you are purchasing this all-new Google Home Mini Smart Speaker just for the sake of having Bluetooth speakers, then you will enjoy the Google Home app’s pairing settings. It is no doubt that the impressive set of capabilities that Google has included in the Google Home Mini smart speaker at such a budget-friendly price makes it the true star of the night.

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