Facebook Portal Smart Speaker Review

Facebook Portal Smart Speaker Review

Traditionally, smart speakers only support audio. Things are changing as time progresses in that some speakers have screens. Facebook portal smart speaker is one of the smart speakers with a touch screen. This allows you to listen to your favorite songs and enjoy some videos. In addition, Facebook portal smart speaker is compatible to Smartphone through Bluetooth.

You can also connect this device to the internet and enjoy streaming services from your comfort zone. Flow with trending technology matters and get this smart speaker. You are guaranteed continuous satisfaction anytime you are listening to your favorite music.

It allows users to watch videos.

It is easy to use.

It allows Alexa voice support.
It doesn’t have a rechargeable battery.


  • The weight of Facebook portal smart speaker is 2.7 lbs. many individuals have an easy time carrying and handling their smart speaker. Also, its light weight allows you to move around with it.
  • USB port– This smart speaker has a USB port that supports flash disks. Therefore, you can store some media in a flash drive and play them on this smart speaker.
  • Facebook Portal Smart speaker can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth. Hence, you can connect your tablet or phone with the speaker and play your favorite songs. It is estimated that the Bluetooth range of this device is 30 feet.
  • You can connect this smart speaker to wireless internet connection and enjoy various services. This assures you unlimited entertainment if you have a wireless connection.
  • The box of Facebook portal smart speaker comes with a power cable that should be connected to power.
  • Individuals can send normal messages to individuals saved in their contact list when their mobile device is still connected to the smart speaker.
  • Facebook portal smart speaker allows calling to contacts saved on the mobile phone while paired through Bluetooth.
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Facebook Portal Smart Speaker Review


  • Touch screen– This smart speaker has a touch screen that is used to control what you are seeing on the screen. It is touch is sensitive for instant reaction. Individuals also find it big enough to watch their favorite shows.
  • Facebook portal smart speaker has a front camera that allows its users to video chat on different platforms. The camera is clear to project what is around you. There is also a manual camera cover you can use when the camera is not in use.
  • Alexa assistant– This is one of the smart speakers that support Alexa assistant when connected to Wi-Fi. Alexa gives you full control of what you are playing through your voice. You can also ask Alexa various questions.
  • This smart speaker has microphones that can hear your voice command from a distance.
  • Many users find the speaker of Facebook portal smart speaker fairly powerful to project enough sound to a room. Therefore, you don’t require additional speakers when using the device.
  • You can access plenty of streaming services with this device. They range from audio, videos and pictures.


Facebook Portal has a 10-inch big touch screen whose resolution is 1280 x 800. If not noticed properly, some can mistake it for a slightly bulkier digital photo frame. It comes with either a black or a white frame that you can keep in both landscape and portrait position, as per your convenience.

While some may say that a video call can also be conducted on a smartphone or a tab, but Portal excels at its capability of going hands-free. You can easily put the device on any surface, and it will support itself on its long circular stand attached to its back. Thus, your hands will remain free, unlike while you use a phone or a tablet.

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The camera, which is one of its main properties, is 13 megapixels with a 720P and 114 degrees field of view. This smart camera can track you around the room. So, if you want to move around within the room, instead of continuously sitting in front of the device, you can do that freely, as the camera will follow you and will keep you in the frame.

It also has an intelligent far-field four-microphone array, which will concentrate only on your voice and cancel out all other background noises.

Also, a sliding button is present at the top corner of its frame, which acts as a shutter for the camera and the microphone. This button ensures your privacy so that no one can spy on you when you are not using the device.

Facebook Portal Smart Speaker Review


If you compare its performance with any smartphone or a tab, it will obviously excel by a great margin.

It is multidimensional. You can use it to view photos, movies or videos, play music, and even video calls. All these are possible as Portal is compatible with a wide range of apps. Moreover, there is no limitation to the number of people joining the video call as you can go up to 50 people using the new Messenger Rooms feature.

Even when you are not using it to live something, it acts as a digital photo frame by showing you all your best photos from Facebook or any other app that you have synced with the device.

Also, its augmented reality feature is a bonus, using which you can create as many funny photos and videos as you want.

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If you are too much into video calling, if the lockdown period has made you relied only on video calls for keeping in touch with your friends and family, then this product is definitely for you. As a frequent user of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Portal will be a delight for you.

However, if the video call is not your thing, then only for streaming movies or videos, this device will be a waste.

Moreover, its built-in Alexa is not fully optimized in this device as it is in an Amazon Echo Show. But speaking of design, camera, and microphone, Portal has only the best for you.

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