Creative Nova Smart Speaker Review

Creative Nova Smart Speaker Review

People have a perception that they need a big and expensive stereo to enjoy quality music. Smart speakers and particularly Creative Nova smart speaker have changed everything. Many people are impressed by its quality sound despite its small size. Besides, it is way affordable when compared to a stereo. It can be connected to a wireless internet connection for streaming adventure. You can also pair it with your mobile device and play your favorite songs.

That’s not all; Creative Nova smart speaker is portable and easy to move around with. These are a few reasons why you should go for this smart speaker.

Alexa voice feature makes streaming easy.

Bluetooth allows you to connect it with your phone.

You can control how the sound projects.
The battery duration span is shorter when compared with that of other devices.


  • Creative Nova smart speaker has a rechargeable battery that can serve an individual up to 7 hours on a full charge. You can enjoy variety of music genres before recharging your battery when it runs low.
  • The weight of this smart speaker is 3.05 lbs, which is fairly light for most people. This is an assurance you will be comfortable carrying it around. It also has a handle for added comfort while carrying your smart speaker.
  • A quick guide– You will be given a guide on how to operate this device. Individuals can always refer to the guide until they are familiar with the smart speaker.
  • Creative Nova smart speaker is made from water resistant materials. Hence, you can comfortably move with your speaker despite the climate.
  • There is a stereo audio input cable where you can connect other devices to the speaker.
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Creative Nova Smart Speaker Review


  • Alexa services– Creative Nova smart speaker can connect to Alexa if there is internet connection. You can play music, ask about weather and get the latest news update through your voice. It gives many people an easy time operating this speaker.
  • You can directly stream some online services by using Alexa assistant. Amazon music, Spotify, Napster, Tidal, TuneIn and iHeart are some of these platforms.
  • Creative Nova smart speaker has a powerful speaker with a woofer and bass. It is an assurance you will enjoy every minute of your favorite playlist. You can also control how sound projection when playing your favorite songs.
  • This smart speaker stands out from other speakers because of its light lamp. There are a variety of colors to choose from, depending on your mood.
  • There are microphones distributed at different parts of the smart speaker. This is the reason Alexa can grab your command from the other end of the room. Also, the microphones are powerful even around noise.
  • Creative Nova smart speaker has various buttons that make it easy to use the smart speaker. These buttons range from volume button, pause button, mute button, previous song button and next button.

Creative Nova Smart Speaker Review


Anyone who uses creative Nova smart speaker will witness its magnificent power. Be among those who try it out.

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