50 Easy and Fun Riddles for Kids with Answers

Riddles for The Kids

There are times when we are unable to give our kids as much attention as we would like because of our busy schedules and other responsibilities. But it is the little things we do with them every day that really make a difference in the relationship and help us communicate better as a family. As a result, it’s crucial that we schedule events that will give us a chance to spend some pleasant time together. Riddles are a foolproof tactic, not to mention a great game that has many positive effects on kids.

Evidence suggests that solving riddles is a great way to improve kids’ abstract reasoning, memory, and general intelligence. They become more articulate, problem-solving, and conceptually astute as a result. A study published in the Journal of Child Language found that kids who solve puzzles are more social, learn to read and write earlier, and do better in school overall than kids who either don’t or rarely do these things.

Children can improve their memory with the help of riddles, especially the easier ones that they can tell to their classmates. This is because playing this game engages multiple brain circuits, particularly the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus, which are critical for cognitive and linguistic maturation, concept decoding, and memory consolidation, respectively.

These short and simple but very entertaining riddles will provide you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bond with your son while also giving you both a good laugh.

50 Easy and Fun Riddles for The Kids

Riddles for Kids

1. I have needles but I don’t know how to sew, I have numbers but I don’t know how to read, I give you the hours, do you know who I am?

Answer: The clock.

2. White inside, green outside. If you don’t know, wait. What is?

Answer: The pear.

3. Before the little egg, after the little cocoon and later I will fly like a little bird. Do you know who I am?

Answer: The butterfly.

4. I’m pretty from the front and somewhat ugly from behind, I transform at every moment as I imitate others. Do you know who I am?

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Answer: The mirror.

5. Gold seems silver is not. Open the curtains and you will see what it is.

Answer: The banana.

6. Go out to the field at night if you want to meet me, I am a man with big eyes, a serious face, and great knowledge. Who I am?

Answer: The owl.

7. Iron head, wooden body, if I step on a finger, I often scream hit! What is?

Answer: The hammer.

8. I sing on the shore, I live in the water, I am not a fish and I am not a cicada.

Answer: The frog.

9. The letters arrive and I don’t know how to read and, although I swallow them, I don’t stain the paper. What is?

Answer: The mailbox.

10. In your hands clean, in your windows dirty. If dirty, they make me clean, and if I clean, they make me dirty. What is?

Answer: The scarf.

11. That thing is? That thing is? That she runs a lot and has no feet.

Answer: The wind.

12. I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I’ll repeat it again, I’ll tell you twenty times and you don’t know how to tell me. What is?

Answer: The cloth.

13. If I am young, I’ll stay young. If I’m old, I remain old. I have a mouth and I don’t talk to you. I have eyes and I don’t see you. Who I am?

Answer: The portrait.

14. I am a bird and I am flat, but I do not have a beak or wings. Do you know who I am?

Answer: Hazelnut.

15. White it is, the chicken puts it, with oil it fries and with bread it is eaten. That thing is?

Answer: The egg.

16. They all want me to rest. If I already told you! Think no more.

Answer: The chair.

17. I tell you and you don’t understand me, I repeat it to you and you don’t understand me.

Answer: The cloth.

18. Everyone goes through me, but I never go through anyone. Everyone asks about me, but I never ask about anyone. What is?

Answer: The street.

19. Tall as a stick, head up, and only eats leaves that are on top. What is?

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Answer: The giraffe.

20. And it is, and it is, and you can’t guess it for me in a month. What is?

Answer: The thread.

21. My sting is harmful, my body insignificant, but the nectar that I give you eats instantly. What is?

Answer: The bee.

22. It’s small as a pear, but it lights up the whole house. What is she?

Answer: The bulb.

23. Born in the sea, dies in the river. That’s my name, what a mess!

Answer: Mario.

24. He has teeth and does not eat, he has a head and is not a man. What is he?

Answer: Garlic.

25. From Monday to Friday I am the last to arrive, on Saturday I am the first, and on Sunday to rest. Who I am?

Answer: The letter S.

26. I am always open to all children. Closed and I only stay on Sundays.

Answer: The school.

27. In corners and between branches I am building my nets so that unsuspecting flies fall into them.

Answer: The spider.

28. I am on a month of vacation with the name of the emperor. Sometimes I refresh the face, other times I give a lot of heat.

Answer: The month of August.

29. I am round but I am not a ball, I am green but I am not grass, I am red but I am not fire, although I have seeds black as coal.

Answer: The watermelon.

30. Water passes through my house, and tastes through my heart. I hope that with what I have said you know the solution. Who I am?

Answer: Avocado.

31. I wrap myself in white clothes, I wear white hair, and even the cook herself cries because of me.

Answer: The onion.

32. Always so cool in the cone. How delicious and how cold! And we like it a lot.

Answer: Ice cream.

33. On earth they planted you, the birds desired you, when you were golden men mowed you down.

Answer: Wheat.

34. Take me carefully, because I am very small. When you sow me I become a plant.

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Answer: The seed.

35. Pi!, the birds sing, I lie and tell the truth; No matter how smart you are, I think you will not succeed. Who I am?

Answer: The pepper.

36. I walk without having legs, on my back I carry my house. Where my body passes, there is a silver thread.

Answer: The snail.

37. It rings at the same time every morning, to tell us all: Get out of bed!

Answer: the alarm clock.

38. I have the name of a girl, I grow at the bottom of the sea and on the sand of the beach you can find me.

Answer: The shell.

39. In me the rivers die, and for me, the boats go, my name is very brief, it has three letters, no more.

Answer: The sea.

40. I have eyes and I don’t see, I grew up underground, you can eat me roasted, fried, or whatever you want. Who I am?

Answer: The potato.

41. It starts as a musical note, it ends as poultry. What is?

Answer: Cabbage.

42. Inside a pod I am, I am neither sword nor saber.

Answer: The bean.

43. It is elongated and orange, rabbits eat it in order to grow old.

Answer: The carrot.

44. They come making noise, they leave making noise; and when they return tomorrow, they will leave just the same.

Answer: The waves.

45. Tulle and it is not fabric. Bread, but not a table.

Answer: The tulip.

46. Dates are my fruit and I give palms to the rough.

Answer: The palm tree.

47. It’s in the razor and it’s in the notebook, it falls from the tree before winter.

Answer: The sheet.

48. Between the rain and the sun, an arch in full color.

Answer: The rainbow.

49. I have long ears and a tiny tail. If we race, I win hands down.

Answer: the rabbit.

50. Its head is yellow, following the sun, and it turns and turns, many eat its seeds and say that they are very tasty.

Answer: Sunflower.

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