Bose Portable Home Smart Speaker Review

Bose Portable Home Smart Speaker Review

As the name suggests, Bose portable home smart speaker is specially designed to favor individuals who are always of the move. First, it has a handle at the top for easy carrying from one spot to another. It also has a voice command feature that allows you to operate it from a distance. Your device should be connected to Wi-Fi to stream songs and get answers to your questions while using the voice command.

That’s not all; individuals with an incredible playlist on their phone can also play them on this speaker via Bluetooth. These are a few reasons why Bose portable home speaker should be your first choice.

It has a classic modern design.

It has an impressive overall performance.

Alexa makes it easy to use.

Its sound is well balanced.
It is expensive.


  • Bose portable home smart speaker is portable because of its light weight. It weight 2.4 lbs. and the dimensions plus the top handle give users an easy time carrying it around. Hence, you can always enjoy your favorite songs while on the move.
  • You can connect your mobile phone to this smart speaker via Bluetooth and play your favorite songs. 30 feet is the Bluetooth range of this smart speaker. This is remarkable when compared to other speakers. Individuals with apple devices can use airplay to connect to the smart speaker.
  • Bose portable home smart speaker can be operated through the Bose music application. Simply download the application on your phone and have full control over your smart phone.
  • A full battery charge of this speaker can last you up to 12 hours. This is sufficient time to enjoy your music before the battery runs empty.
  • The box comes with a power cable to charge your battery when it is dry or empty.
  • Bose portable home smart speaker allows you to make calls on contacts saved on your phone while still connected to it.
  • You can either choose a silver or black smart speaker. Both of these colors blend with any color setting theme in a room.
  • Aluminum grill has been used in this speaker. Thus, be assured of long term service when you purchase this device.
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Bose Portable Home Smart Speaker Review


  • Touch buttons– Bose portable home smart speaker has a series of touch buttons you can use to control it. There is a power button, volume button, microphone mute button and pause button. These buttons make it easy for individuals to operate their smart speaker.
  • A lot of people choose this speaker because of its powerful bass and the 360 degrees sound distribution. This makes you enjoy every minute of your favorite songs.
  • Alexa– This smart speaker supports Alexa voice assistant. Therefore, you can use this assistant to control your smart speaker.
  • Bose portable home smart speaker has well placed microphones to take voice commands from the other end. Therefore, don’t worry about distractions when the smart speaker is turned on.
  • You can enjoy a series of streaming services when the smart speaker is connected to the internet. iHeart Radio, Tune-in, Spotify, Pandora and Amazon music are some platforms you can play with your speaker.


Bose Portable Home Speaker seeps portability due to its lightweight and compact build. The convenient bucket-like carrying handle and IPX4 water-resistant housing are the special features of the design. It measures 7.5 inches tall and is wrapped in an anodized aluminum enclosure with silver or black finishes. The sleek and modern look makes it comfortable to carry around without bothering about any damage. The bottom third of the Bose’ speaker sports a wraparound grille to spread your music in all directions, while a second smaller grille is found at the top of the speaker, circling the control pad. A built-in microphone array is connected to pick up your voice when you ask your voice assistant. On the head of the speaker, you have power, Bluetooth pairing, volume, play/pause buttons, and a button to turn the microphone off. This becomes handy if, by any chance, your voice assistant isn’t listening to you or ran into some technical or network problem.

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Bose Portable Home Speaker Review


The audio quality offered by Bose Portable Home Speaker is great, including a friendly and well-balanced soundstage. You can listen to melody or pop songs and low or high volume as per the occasion. Though it’s a complicated mix, the Bose Portable Home Speaker plays well, compared to the Apple HomePod device. You can easily set up the Bose Portable Home Speaker by just downloading the Bose Connect app and following some steps to connect up to your WiFi. The next step is followed by choosing a voice assistant of your choice and then select your favorite music and radio services. These can include several platforms like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and AirPlay 2 for iPhone and iPad users. Bose Portable Home Speaker is a smart speaker compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa built-in, and it provides the user to select between the both of them depending on the other smart devices and ecosystem that they already use.


The Bose Portable Home Speaker is leading in the Bluetooth Speakers, and this year, it upgraded the earlier smart speaker to a portable smart speaker. The minimalist design fits robustness, with a light build that presents itself to listening during a long drive. That bucket-like handle rather than the curved finger-grip of the Sonos Move gives it a stylish appearance to carry anywhere. Additional features like connectivity, battery life, and smart features make it flexible for the use of both Alexa and Google Assistant built-in.

As compared to many affordable portable speakers, it sounds wonderful, with a steady and loud soundstage. In terms of pure portability design, the Bose Portable Home Speaker is gaining a high score and is one of the best recommended smart speakers to own today!

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