Bose Home Speaker 500 Review

Bose Home Speaker 500 Review

Individuals are going for smart speakers for two main reasons. First, they are easy to carry around and can be connected to your gadgets. Bose home speaker 500 has been trending for a while now as one of the top smart speakers at the moment. Many users support this statement based on their first-hand experience.

You will be impressed by its quality speaker that marvelous sound. This is a guarantee you will always enjoy your favorite playlist when using Bose home speaker 500. Additionally, you can use either Alexa or Google assistant for voice commands. You can also tap the top of your speaker and control the device.

Alexa can take commands in either Spanish or English.

The speaker is powerful for a room.

It is made from durable material.
It is Costly.


  • The weight of Bose home speaker 500 is 5 lbs. As a result, you can comfortably place your speaker on top of surfaces with an assurance it will be stable. The overall design also supports the stability of the smart speaker.
  • This smart speaker supports wireless internet connection. Therefore, you can enjoy some streaming services anytime you use your smart speaker.
  • Bose home speaker 500 can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth. Thus, you can play your favorite music straight from your Smartphone.
  • Aluminum is one of the materials used in the manufacturing of this speaker. Hence, be assured of long term service when you grab your speaker.
  • You will be given a starters guide when you purchase your own Bose home speaker 500. Thus, you will have an easy time connecting your device from scratch.
  • This smart speaker comes with a power cable. It should be connected to the device and then power before using it.
  • You can either go for the silver or black color when purchasing your own Bose home speaker 500. Both colors blend with any color that comes your way.
  • This smart speaker has a LED screen that displays information about the song that is always playing.
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Bose Home Speaker 500 Review


  • Bose home speaker 500 can be controlled by the Bose music application. Hence, download the application on your Smartphone and control the device through it.
  • This smart speaker has 8 in-built speakers. As a result, it can caption your voice command from anywhere in the room, despite the noise levels.
  • There is a mute button you can use to turn off the microphone when not in use. This offers some sort of privacy when required.
  • Bose Home speaker 500 allows its users to two voice assistants, namely Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. Your device should be connected to a wireless device to access the voice services.
  • This stereo is known for its wall to wall stereo sound projection when playing music. Therefore, be assured of quality sound when playing your favorite songs.
  • Multi-lingual feature– Both Spanish and English speakers can benefit from using this speaker as Alexa can take voice command in either of the two languages.
  • Bose home speaker 500 has six preset buttons. This makes it to control what you are listening.
  • There is a volume button to control the sound levels. You can also press the pause button when you want to stop the music.

Bose Home Speaker 500 Review


Bose Home Speaker 500 comes with an elliptical shape and aluminum case that reflects the light in your room.

A small full-color screen displays album artwork as you play music on the front of the speaker. It also has an auto-dimming feature to give you the best results, even in low light conditions. The screen can display the time similar to a Google Home Hub or the Amazon Echo Show. Although the Home Speaker 500 is highly optimized for voice command via Amazon Alexa, there are available buttons for basic functionality on the speaker’s head. 6 preset buttons can be accessed to program and play your favorite playlist, radio station, or album with a simple touch.

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You can save presets utilizing the Bose application, and the brand has already confirmed the speaker’s updating that would allow you to generate presets using your voice.

A light bar feature present in the speaker turns on when you interact with Alexa while changes color depending on the type of audio input and connections you are handling to play your songs for the occasion.

Bose Home Speaker 500 Review


Bose Home Speaker 500 uses exclusive mic technology, which allows the speaker to pick up words even when music is playing very loudly. It consists of an eight microphone array that is designed for close and far-field listening. The microphones are proficient at choosing up your voices even from long distances and helps you interact with the speaker from the opposite side of the room. As of now, the Home Speaker 500 only supports Alexa, but Bose intends to modernize the new range to support Google Assistant from this year onwards. There is no need to worry even if you have a lot of different Alexa-enabled devices in your home because only the closest device to the speaker accepts the command. In terms of audio, there are two custom left and right drivers allowing authentic stereo division without needing to buy another speaker. The remarkable soundstage makes for a truly room-filling sound even when it is a miniature size speaker. Through the Boss app, you can connect to several different streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, TuneIn, and SiriusXM, while giving options to choose between podcasts, music, and radio stations. 

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Boss Home Speaker 500 sports a sleek, modern design and display that sounds wonderful. Its room-filling music quality will impress audiophiles and music lovers, just like the Bose claims to its customers. The speaker’s only concern is now limited to Alexa, but Google Assistant functionality should be developing to the Home Speaker 500 soon. It is a smart speaker worth investing your money in. This home speaker 500 is more subtle when it comes to bass frequencies. It is also a bit cheaper than the Apple HomePod. The speaker is a highlight as it sounds better than the various variants available in the market today. So, if you mind about the sound quality at an affordable rate, then Bose Home Speaker 500 can be the best option!

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