Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review

Amazon manufacturer is taking entertainment on another level, especially with their smart speakers. Amazon Echo show (2nd Generation) smart speaker has taken entertainment on another level. This smart speaker has a touch screen that can project various things. That’s not all; its speaker is louder when compared to that of its predecessors. Amazon Echo show (2nd Generation) smart speaker isn’t limited to music alone. You can watch sports, TV’s shows and even make calls.

There is a guide inside the box to guide you on how to set up and use this smart speaker. You can also choose either sandstone or charcoal color.

The touch sensitivity of the screen is impressive.

Its speakers are powerful.

It allows users to browse.

It has an easy to use interface.
You can only play 720p videos.


  • 10 inch screen size– Amazon Echo show (2nd Generation) smart speaker has a 10 inch screen that is fairly large to project videos whenever possible.
  • The weight of this smart speaker is 3.9 lbs. Most of the users find the weight fairly light to handle or move with their speaker.
  • Amazon Echo show (2nd Generation) smart speaker comes with a 6 feet long power adapter. Hence, you can place it on surfaces that are a few inches from the socket.
  • This smart speaker has an in-built 5mp camera that allows video calls when connected to internet. It can be on Skype, Echo spot, Echo show and Alexa app.
  • You can comfortably make calls or send texts when your device is connected to your mobile device.
  • Amazon Echo show (2nd Generation) smart speaker can connect to Smartphone that have Fire OS or android as their operating system through Bluetooth.
  • This smart speaker can be connected to wireless internet to allow streaming services. Ensure the internet is stable for uninterrupted service.
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Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review


  • Alexa– You will have unlimited access to Alexa voice assistant when you connect your smart speaker to the internet. Alexa allows you to play music online, create a to-do list and learn about weather in your region by simply using your voice.
  • Streaming services– Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) smart speaker supports streaming services such as watching sports, movies and television shows across different platforms. This ensures you are always entertained.
  • The speakers of this speaker have Dolby processing. As a result, they can comfortably project enough sound in any room inside the house.
  • You can control how you want speakers to project sound. Consequently, there are two volume buttons, giving you personal control on how you listen to music.
  • There are instances when you don’t require Alexa services while connected to the internet. Luckily, there is a microphone mute button on the smart speaker.
  • Cooking recipes– Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) smart speaker grants you unlimited access to cooking recipes when connected to the internet.


Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker has a friendly design with a big and bright screen. The 2nd gen echo show comes with lucrative borders painted black situated on the sides and the base. It comes with a 10.1-inch screen, which is a pretty good size. The screen has a resolution of 720p. Speakers are placed behind the device casing. The front camera is placed right above the screen, compatible with selfies and video calling and can connect with Skype, the Alexa app, and other Amazon devices. Overall the design is sleek, edgy, and appealing to the eyes.

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Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Review


The size helps with visibility from across the room – the product comes with Alexa, which enables controlling the speaker with the user’s voice. One could ask it about anything from weather reports to playing music or even playing some exciting games. All the answers and games will be provided by Alexa from the speakers and the screen for visual display. The device also facilitates controlling electronic appliances using smart techs. It supports several e-lights and fans, and even thermostats with many more. It comes with an in-built ZigBee hub to control and command such appliances!


The second-generation Echo Show looks better, sounds better, and does much more. The speaker can easily fill a room with its amazing sound. It has a remarkably bright and crisp look despite its 720p resolution, incorporates a web browser, and other fantastic features that make it far more usable. It’s a good-looking, impressive-sounding speaker to keep on your kitchen counter, desk, or bedside table. If you want a smart speaker available at such an affordable price, then Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation Smart Speaker is the answer. It’s worth buying. There are many other smart speakers in the marketing, providing lower features at a higher price. This comes with under the best budget and intuitive features.

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