Apple Homepod Smart Speaker Review

Apple HomePod Smart Speaker Review

Apple also has a powerful smart speaker with a good reputation history. Be among the individuals who use Apple Homepod smart speaker and witness its power. You will be amazed by its powerful speakers that automatically adapt the room size and environment to ensure the sound is smooth.

This smart speaker also has Siri assistant that offer adventure while listening to your favorite music. Additionally, Apple Homepod smart speaker can help you do other things online through your voice. That’s why you should choose it over other smart speakers. Above all, this speaker has an overall impressive look.

Its touch feature stands out.

It has a stylish look.

You can stream music through Siri.

A lot of people find its microphone powerful.
Some people find it costly.

It mostly favors individuals with apple products.


  • Apple Homepod smart speaker can be connected to other Apple products though Airplay such as Mac, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, Mac and iPhone, among others.
  • You can play almost every audio format with this smart speaker. MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3 VBR and FLAC2. This is an assurance you can enjoy your playlist.
  • Apple Homepod smart speaker allows individuals to send text messages through Siri when their iPhone is connected to the speaker.
  • You can connect your smart speaker to wireless internet and enjoy a variety of materials through the help of Siri.
  • Apple Homepod smart speaker comes with a start guide that to ensure first time users have an easy time operating it.
  • The weight of this smart speaker is 5.45 lbs. This assures you of its stability when placed on top of a surface. Its dimension also makes it easy to carry around.
  • Mesh body– The mesh body of this speaker gives it a classic look, which makes it appealing to the eye.
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Apple HomePod Smart Speaker Review


  • Siri integration– Apple Homepod smart speaker is integrated with Siri, which can be accessed if connected to the internet. Siri allows you to control the smart speaker through your voice.
  • Touch feature– This smart speaker accepts touch commands on its surface. You should touch and hold the surface in order to activate Siri. For volume, you can touch either the plus or the minus indicator. Also, you can tap the surface twice to change your current song. Tapping the surface three continuous times guides you back to the previous music.
  • In-built tweeter– Apple Homepod smart speaker possess seven tweeters and each one has an amplifier. Therefore, be assured of quality sound when enjoying your favorite music playlist. The woofer is also apple shaped to project more sound in a room.
  • Microphone-This smart speaker has in-built microphones to properly hear your voice commands from any part of the room.


Apple Homepod is exquisitely made and classy when it comes about the design. Though heavier, it is quite smaller in size and subtly styled, particularly in the space grey finish. This cylindrical shape speaker comes with a mesh fabric cover adding a good outer appearance. It also comes with neat touches, and the glossy top panel appears to be consistently black when the speaker is in sleeping mode. When playing music, ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols appear, enabling you to raise or lower the volume as per the song and your requirement. As soon as you tap the center of the surface, the speaker will play/pause the music. You can also skip this track or go back to the previous track while keeping your finger pressed on the side buttons. There are LED-backlit volume buttons and a display button that distributes them into a single blob of whirling colors. Apple has designed this area to be a touch surface, and not just to display text. On the bottom, it consists of a hard, rubbery material that indicates you need to place the HomePod on a hard, flat surface. It is also a sensitive speaker, and care should be taken while handling the device for prolonged use without any damage.

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Apple Homepod Smart Speaker Review


Apple HomePod has a good grasp of the sound quality on track. It is great at setting in on and presenting the essence of any melody song to a bass party song with just simple sound adjustments. There is a bass driver to control and look after this operation and manages it expertly without any human intervention. There are approximately seven tweeters that fire down and out from the bottom with a single four-inch woofer that points out the top for extremely low frequencies. A total of seven microphones, six around the middle for Siri and a seventh in the interior, are responsible for measuring the location of that woofer to precisely control the bass. Apple’s ultimate goal is to eliminate undesired extra sounds and noise generated by the reflections in the room or some background music where the HomePod is situated. It has also started working on tuning the speaker to sound as neutral as feasible in that room, giving a user an extra level of a highly smart and amazing experience with technology.


The HomePod, along with the addition of multi-room, native radio stations, and sleep timers, make it an exciting smart product to use. When you are a dedicated Apple user, it is better to consider the HomePod. Apple Music needs to be your default streaming service to choose anything best from all your recommended options. This party-rocking and musical smart speaker is designed for a very demanding person to use while breathing entirely inside Apple’s ecosystem. As it is tied more closely to a single iPhone and iCloud account than any different smart speaker, Siri cannot recognize what’s happening with Alexa. Apple considers this HomePod as a little iOS computer for the home. The developers build and add features to make it more compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is a remarkable new kind of audio device and undoubtedly does more to make your music sound better than any other speaker available in the market. Hence, if you are surrounded by the Apple environment and plan to use more of the products for a smart home, then definitely Apple Homepod will serve you better without disappointing your choice!

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