Amazon Echo Spot Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Spot Smart Speaker Review

Imagine having a smart speaker that can be converted into an alarm or calendar. Amazon echo spot smarty speaker is one of such speakers. Users have the privilege of choosing different clock faces to display on the touch screen. Above all, this smart speaker allows its users to play music, watch news, enjoy audio books and browse.

The most impressive thing about Amazon Echo spot smart speaker is Alexa. It is a voice assistant that accepts voice command. As a result, you can operate your speaker without physically touching it. It is also light, making it easy to move with.

You can control the output volume of your music by either adding or reducing the volume.

It is portable.

It is powerful enough for a room.

You can pair it with your mobile device.
Some first time users have a difficult time using it.


  • Amazon Echo spot smart speaker has a front camera that allows its users to make video calls through Alexa app, Skype, Echo show or Echo spot. The camera is clear and well placed.
  • The weight of Amazon Echo Spot Smart speaker is 0.92 lbs. This automatically lists it among the light weight smart speakers. Its dimensions make it fit at any corner of the house. Consequently, individuals have an easy time maintaining it.
  • This screen of this smart speaker is 2.5 inches. It allows you to watch videos if possible. You will also have an easy time operating it as it is touch.
  • You can connect your Amazon Echo Spot to a stereo through an audio output port. Hence, you can add extra speakers whenever possible.
  • The box comes with a power supply cable which you should connect to power to use your device.
  • Amazon Echo spot smart speaker can be connected to Smartphone through Bluetooth. Therefore, you can control the music you are playing with your phone.
  • This speaker can be connected to wireless internet connection and enjoy various content online.
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Amazon Echo Spot Smart Speaker Review


  • Privacy feature- There is an option of disconnecting both the front camera and microphone when not in use.
  • Personalize feature- Amazon Echo Spot smart speaker allows its users to choose different alarm them on the screen of their smart speaker. Hence, you can set a theme that blends with your living room setting.
  • Alexa- You will access unlimited Alexa voice assistant help when you connect to the internet. Thus, you can unlimitedly control what you are streaming using your voice. Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music, and Pandora are some platforms you can operate with Alexa voice assistant. You can also play movies and audio books with voice assistant.
  • In-built 1.4 speaker- Amazon Echo Spot Smart speaker has an in-built speaker which can project enough sound in a room. Therefore, you don’t have to connect it to an output speaker.


Amazon Echo Spot is a small smart speaker with a flat black or white edge. This portable design has dimensions 4.1×3.8 x3.6 inches (HWD) and weighs 14.8 ounces. The intelligently sharp 2.5-inch, 480-by-480 circular color touch screen on the front is the speaker’s highlight that expands out through a grille from the back end. A small camera is located right above the screen, and a 3.5mm audio-out jack is situated behind. The smooth design makes it look great on any area of your entire house. This piece is considered to be smaller than both the Echo Show and the Echo Show 5. It can connect to Wi-Fi on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, which proves great in places that consist of 2.4GHz airwaves. Easy to set up, and you just have to enter your home Wi-Fi password in the touch keyboard that appears right in front. Like any other Alexa supported devices, this Echo Spot too requires an Amazon account and works best to explore all the smart Amazon’s services. As it is not a full-room audio speaker, it plays voices and midrange instruments without harshness. You’ll wake up charmingly by listening to your favorite playlist in the morning, and if your Spot is in the kitchen, you’ll enjoy hearing your early morning news briefing while sipping tea or coffee. For conducting parties in the living room, you can use the 3.5mm output to attach it to a more robust speaker and then dance to the fullest!

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Amazon Echo Spot Smart Speaker Review


Amazon Echo Spot adds a perceptible element to most of the skills as delivered by the Echo Speakers. You can also call people using the Echo or make video calls to your friends using the Spot. There is also the option of waking up to news briefings on the speakers to understand the daily happenings. The screen is responsible for making the Echo Spot more spontaneous while delivering the best performance. When you’re out shopping, the device suggests what you can buy on the previous records. The text flows on your screen at just a tap to listen to your favorite song or watch any new recipes. Also, for people who are not quite comfortable listening to an artificial voice, the screen makes it extra reliable and easier to use. The touch-enabled screen allows swiping very conveniently through items whenever required. Amazon Echo speaker has also been recognized as one of the best speakers to buy in India today. As the screen is, a mode of interaction the voice-first creation of the Echo Spot attracts the audience. When it comes to music or podcast, the voice can be tuned and adjusted as per your requirements. An added advantage of the speaker is that you can connect this Echo Spot up to an external speaker via the 3.5mm aux or via Bluetooth to experience more appealing sound quality.


The Echo Spot is considered one of the most critical and flexible alarm-clock-gadget available in the market. The beautiful design and development of better features make it the best speaker for a smart home. Due to its smallest smart display, this Echo Show is a strong alternative at a much affordable price. However, the Google Nest Hub can be considered an alternative when you already possess a Google Assistant smart clock. The Amazon Echo Spot is undoubtedly an exciting Alexa-powered device that was released by Amazon newly. It is better implemented to combine into your home’s decor than the previous Echo Show with the circular touchscreen, adding worthy extra features. The Echo Spot is also cheaper than the Echo Plus with not many IoT hub built-in and has an exceptional screen quality. When you plan to buy the Echo Plus but don’t expect to buy other Home devices, then Echo Spot is certainly a better option. It is also advisable that the Amazon Echo spot be more suitable for beginners because it is simpler to use as a normal smartphone touch screen. The Echo Spot is absolutely the best smart speaker that you can own today, with the screen making it easier to trust and calling without worrying about privacy features.

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