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Roku Premiere+ (2018) Review

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Roku Premiere+ (2018) Review

Technological advancements have been made on streaming media devices. That’s why you should choose Roku premiere+ (2018) streaming media device is known for its quality sound and high resolution videos. Furthermore, this devices gives you access to numerous programs and applications. You will also be impressed by its precise and fast search when using the remote or the voice assistant. The processor of Roku premiere + (2018) is faster when compared to its competing streaming media devices. This improves your streaming experience.

You need a HDMI cable, a Wi-Fi connection and a Television set to enjoy various programs using this media device. Connect your Roku premiere+ (2018) streaming media device to your television set. Use either HDR or 4k Ultra HD television to witness the streaming and projection power of this device. Afterward, connect your device a strong Wi-Fi connection and start enjoying your favorite programs. That’s not all; this device has a remote control that accepts voice commands. This gives you an easy time operating your Roku premiere+ (2018).

This device has a modern stylish look.

You can stream 4k Ultra HD videos.

It has a fast processor.

It is pocket friendly.
This device doesn’t have an Ethernet jack.

The voice feature is only limited to search.


  • Roku premiere + (2018) streaming media device is black in color. The neutral color easily blends with any living room setting. Therefore, you can comfortably choose this device because it will blend with the theme of your room.
  • This streaming media device supports remote applications from selective mobile devices. You can use remote applications on Smartphones with Fire OS, iOS, windows, android and android tablet iOS operating systems. Hence, you can control what you are viewing and enjoy gaming.
  • Roku premiere+ (2018) streaming media device allows you to play videos with different formats. VP9, MP4, MKV, MOV and H.264 are some formats you can play using this streaming media device.
  • This device allows you to share files with a computer that has windows as its operating system. Hence, you can access a variety of data.
  • Roku premiere+ (2018) streaming media device supports images with different formats. GIF, PNG and JPEG are the image formats you can open using this device.
  • This streaming media device also allows you to play music with different formats. OGG, AAC, AC3, FLAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV, and WMA are some formats you can play using your device.
  • Roku premiere+ (2018) device can access the internet through a wireless internet connection. Therefore, install a stable internet connection to enjoy the services of this streaming device.
  • The weight of Roku premiere+ is 0.08 pounds, which makes it very easy to carry around. Hence, be assured of a marvelous streaming experience while on the move, provided you have an internet connection.
  • Be assured of access to a variety of streaming services while using Roku premiere+ (2018) streaming device. YouTube, Amazon instant videos, Netflix, HBO now, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora and Picasa are some streaming services you can access using this device.
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Roku Premiere+ (2018) Review

Special Features

  • Channel store– Roku Premiere+ (2018) streaming media device grants its users unlimited access to its channel store. It enriches the list of applications and content you can access using this device.
  • This streaming media device gives its users 4k Ultra HD content when streaming. The quality of the videos streamed, make them appear real and appealing to the eye.
  • A remote control– A large population of users, find the remote control of Roku premiere+ (2018) streaming media device easy to use because of its few buttons.
  • Voice search feature– Take advantage of the voice search feature to easily search your favorite program, video or game without going near your streaming media device.
  • Dolby Atmos sound– The sound system of Roku premiere+ (2018) is impressive because of Dolby Atmos.


You don’t have to invest a lot of money to find an excellent streaming media device. Roku premiere+ (2018) streaming media device is pocket-friendly yet very powerful. Go for it and enjoy various programs.

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