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Tivo Stream 4k Review

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Tivo Stream 4k Review

You don’t need a lot of money to acquire a powerful and efficient streaming media device. Tivo stream 4k is one of the pocket- friendly yet a powerful streaming device. A lot of people love this device because of its design and overall modern look. Its design allows you to set it at different spots next to your television. That’s not all; Tivo stream 4k grants you access to variety of movies and shows, ensuring you are always entertained.

You should have both Tivo and Google accounts when setting up this streaming device. Signing up to each of the mentioned accounts is easy and straightforward. You are also required to connect your streaming device to a wireless internet connection. There is an HDMI cable connection port that allows you to connect the device with your television. Afterward, you will be in a position to enjoy unlimited programs from your comfort zone. Chose Tivo stream 4k device and save some cash.

There are no hidden charges when you start using this streaming device.

It is pocket-friendly for a lot of people.

It is portable.
There is no manual guide on how to address HDR projection issues.


  • 8 GB storage capacity– Tivo stream 4k has an internal storage capacity of 8GB. It allows you to store variety of data and retrieve them at your own convenient time. The storage space is bigger when compared to other devices.
  • 2 GB RAM– The RAM of this device is 2 GB, which influences the performance of this streaming media device.
  • Tivo stream 4K is known for displaying quality images. JPEG, GIF and BMP are some supported image formats you can open with your device.
  • The weight of this streaming media device is 0.5 lbs, which makes it portable when moving from one spot to another. You can also place it on top of different surfaces next to your television set.
  • This media device can only be connected to a wireless internet connection to enjoy streaming. Ensure you have a strong wireless connection to avoid buffering.
  • Tivo stream 4k can be operated using its Smartphone’s remote application. Android, iOS and android tablet iOS are Smartphone’s operating systems that support the remote application.
  • This media use Amlogic S905Y2 processor, which is powerful enough to make you enjoy streaming and operate the device.
  • You can play various video formats with Tivo stream 4K. GIF, MKV, MPEG, WMV, RM, MP4, iSO, MOV, AVI, and DAT are some supported video formats.
  • This streaming media device allows you to enjoy a variety of music. WMA, Dolby digital, MPEG, APE, RM, FLAC, OGG, AAC and Dolby Atmos are some supported music formats you can play using this device.
  • You can share files using a PC that runs with windows operating system.
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  • Tivo stream 4K is capable of streaming content in 4K UHD, which makes things appear real. As a result, you will enjoy watching various movies and shows.
  • A remote control– You will be given a remote control when you purchase this device. The remote gives you full control of what you are watching.
  • This streaming media device supports Bluetooth connection, which allows you to project things on your television from your gadgets.
  • Dolby Atmos audio projects volume in your living room, allowing you to enjoy every minute of streaming.
  • Voice command– The remote control of Tivo stream 4k has a voice command feature that grants you full control of your streaming device using your voice. You can also use Google assistant to control what you are streaming.
  • Streaming services– This streaming gives you access to different streaming services. Google play movies, YouTube, Netflix, Playstation Vue, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Flickr, HBO Now and Vudu are some streaming services you can access with this device.
  • Tivo stream 4k grants you unlimited access to applications through the channel store.


Tivo stream 4k offers instant response to commands, giving you full control over what you are streaming. Additionally, it offers you unlimited entertainment. That’s why you should purchase it.

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