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Roku Ultra 2018 Review

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Roku Ultra 2018 Review

Finding a streaming media device that will give you quality service can be stressful if you have never used any brand before. Roku is one of the leading brands when it comes to production of streaming media devices. Roku Ultra (2018) streaming media device is one of the latest devices from Roku Company. As always, it hasn’t disappointed its users. Its quad-core processor has enhanced users experience by supporting heavy streaming. Therefore, you can stream different videos, shows and programs all day.

That’s not all; Roku Ultra (2018) streaming media device allows you to stream your videos in 4k, HD, and HDR. Therefore, you can use different television sets to using Roku Ultra (2018). Some people have wired internet connection, whereas others have Wireless internet. Luckily, this streaming media device allows both internet connections. Use a HDMI cable to connect your device to your television. Afterward, connect your device to a stable internet connection and start your streaming journey. Roku Ultra (2018) streaming media device has a stylish look that attracts numerous people. These are a few reasons you should choose this streaming device.

It grants you access to over 5,000 shows and movies.

It has an easy to use remote.

It supports external storage devices.
It is quite costly for some individuals.


  • Ethernet port– This streaming media device is has an Ethernet port that allows you to connect to a wired internet connection. The stronger the internet, the better the streaming experience.
  • Wi-Fi connection– Roku Ultra (2018) streaming media device supports wireless internet connection. This allows individuals with such an internet connection to stream different content.
  • The weight of this device is 0.5 lbs, which makes it among the light streaming devices. Therefore, you can place it on top of different surfaces that are next to your television set. You can also carry your streaming media device around.
  • Roku Ultra (2018) can be operated using its Smartphone mobile device. You can download the operating system if your phone has iOS, Fire OS, Windows, android or android tablet operating system.
  • This streaming media device supports various external hard drives. FAT32, FAT16, HFS+, EXT2, NTFS, and EXT3 are the hard drive formats you can connect to your device.
  • Roku Ultra (2018) is known for supporting various video formats, giving you unlimited entertainment. MKV, H.264, MOV, MP4 and VP9 are some formats you can play using this device.
  • Users can also project high resolution images using this streaming media device. GIF, PNG, and JPG are some supported image formats you can play with this device.
  • Roku (2018) manufacturer has favored music lovers because of the numerous supported formats. AC3, AAC, OGG, MP3, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, and WMA are a few music formats you can play.
  • This streaming media device supports file sharing with computers that have windows as its operating system.
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  • Roku Ultra (2018) streaming media device has a remote finder feature. The player has a button that makes the remote beep, making it easy to spot it.
  • Private listening– you can plug your earphones on the remote controller and enjoy your favorite shows without disturbing anyone in the house.
  • Night mode feature– This feature automatically lowers the projected volume when night falls, reducing disturbance.
  • Ultra clear projection– Users can comfortably stream in HDR, 4K, and HD provided they have a strong internet connection. Thus, most things will appear real when projected in your television set.
  • This streaming media device has both Micro SD and USB ports, which can be connected to extra storage devices.
  • Remote control– This media device is accompanied by a remote control which is straightforward and easy to operate.
  • Voice control feature– Roku Ultra (2018) streaming media device has a voice control feature that is efficient and fast, improving the user’s experience.
  • Streaming services– Be assured of unlimited streaming services when using this media device. YouTube, Netflix, NBA, Spotify, Pandora, Flickr, NFL, NHL, and HBO now are some streaming you can enjoy.
  • This streaming device grants you access to channel store for unlimited applications.


Choose Roku Ultra (2018) streaming media device and enjoy unlimited streaming from your comfort zone.

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