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Google Chromecast Ultra Review

by Blaky
Google Chromecast Ultra Review

Technological advancements have led to the introduction of small yet powerful streaming devices. Google Chromecast Ultra streaming media device is one such devices. It is listed among the powerful streaming media devices at the moment. In addition to this, it is portable from one place to another. Anyone with either a 4k Ultra HD or HDR Television set can witness the power of Google Chromecast Ultra streaming media device. You can watch TV shows, movies and others programs across various streaming platforms. Netflix, YouTube, NBC, CBS, Vudu, Hulu, Disney Movies anywhere, Pandora and Spotify are some platforms you can use to watch your favorite program while relaxing.

You require a HDMI port cable, an internet connection and a Wi-Fi enabled device. The internet can be wireless or wired. A Smartphone, smart television or PC are some devices you can use. Use the HDMI cable to connect your Chromecast Ultra to the television set and plug it into power. Afterward, connect it to your internet connection. Use the same internet connection on your selected phone, laptop or tablet and push the cast button to stream what you are viewing on your electronic device on your television set.

Always have a stable internet connection to avoid buffering when watching your favorite programs. Google Chromecast Ultra streaming media device also allows you to play games. Above all, you don’t need a remote because the linked device can be used as a controller. This gives you an easy time using your device.

It is among the most affordable streaming media devices.

You can connect either wired or wireless internet

It supports both HDR and 4K Ultra HD television sets.
It doesn’t have its own remote device.

It doesn’t have a storage space.


  • 0.32 lbs. weight– Google Chromecast Ultra streaming media device is among the portable streaming media devices. It weighs 0.32 lbs, which gives everyone an easy time using and handling it. Above all, you can frequently move with your device.
  • Ethernet port– Some places have wired internet connection. Luckily, this streaming media device has an Ethernet port that allows them to connect to the wired connection.
  • Wi-Fi connection option– Google Chromecast Ultra streaming media device allows its users to connect it a wireless internet connection and enjoy various programs.
  • Smartphone remote app– You can control the device’s volume, pause or play anything you are watching through a remote application on your phone. Your phone should have any of the above operating systems to perform this function, Android, android tablet and iOS.
  • This streaming media device is black in color, making it compatible with any living room setting.
  • Screen mirroring– Google Chromecast Ultra streaming media device allows you to stream what you are viewing on either your laptop, phone or tablet on your television set.
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Google Chromecast Ultra Review

Special Features

  • Voice commands– Chromecast Ultra has a voice command prompt you can use to control the streaming device you are using. Hence, you will have an easy time controlling what you are viewing with your voice. The voice commands are instant.
  • 512 Megabyte RAM– You will love the operating speed of this device because of 512 Megabyte RAM. This enhances your user experience when watching your favorite movies.
  • HDR and 4K Ultra HD performance– Many people love Google Chromecast Ultra streaming media device because of the quality videos it displays on either your 4K Ultra HD or HDR television set. The quality of projection makes it appear real.
  • This streaming media device grants you unlimited access to app store and Google play store. Hence, you will be in a position to access different applications.


Make a wise choice and choose Google Chromecast Ultra Streaming Media device and watch various movies using either 4k Ultra HD or HDR television.

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