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Roku Streaming stick + Headphone Edition Review

by Blaky
Roku Streaming stick + Headphone Edition Review

Roku manufacturer keeps on impressing with their marvelous streaming media devices. Roku streaming + headphone edition is still trending because of its marvelous features and its overall performance. Choose this device if you want a top class streaming experience from the comfort of your house or when on the move. This streaming stick device can be used with HDR, 4k or HD television set. Be assured of quality projection despite the television set you use. This Roku streaming stick + impresses a lot of people by its headphone feature that allows you to privately enjoy what you are watching without causing disturbance.  

That’s not all; it is very portable, making you enjoy music, movies and shows while on the move or from one room to another. The manufacturer of this streaming stick made it easy to use by anyone, including first time users. Simply plug your Roku streaming stick on the HDMI port and click on the right input. Connect your device to Wi-Fi and crate a Roku account if you don’t have one and enjoy streaming. You will definitely enjoy every minute of this device.

It offers unlimited entertainment.

It offers privacy whenever required.

It is easy to setup.

It projects high pictures despite the television you are using.
This streaming media device doesn’t support wired internet.


  • The dimensions and the weight of this streaming media stick make it portable. This media device looks like a flash disk, making it easy to carry from one place to another. Hence, you can continue with your streaming adventure while on the move.
  • Roku streaming stick + headphone edition has a Wi-Fi receiver to ensure the internet signal is always strong so that you can enjoy streaming that doesn’t buffer.
  • This streaming media device is compatible with computers with windows as their operating system. Therefore, look for a computer with windows and share various files.
  • You can download a remote application on your mobile phone use it to operate your streaming stick. Your Smartphone should have either android, iOS, Fire Os, windows or android tablet as its operating system to download Roku remote application.
  • This streaming stick hasn’t forgotten the music lovers. There are various music formats this device supports. AC3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA and AIFF are some music formats you can play with your Roku streaming stick.
  • Users can enjoy various videos in their house or while on the move using their streaming media device. MKV, MP4, H.264 and MOV are some video formats you can enjoy using this device.
  • Roku streaming stick + headphone edition is known for displaying quality images. You can play non animated GIF, PNG and JPG formats using this streaming stick.
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Roku Streaming stick + Headphone Edition Review

Special Features

  • Exceptional picture display– This streaming stick guarantees quality picture whether you are using HDR, 4K, or HD television. Therefore, you can enjoy high resolution while enjoying your favorite show.
  • Private listening feature– Roku streaming stick + headphone edition stands out from other competitive streaming media devices because of its headphone. You can privately listen to what you are watching by plugging earphones into the remote’s jack.
  • A remote– This device has an easy to use remote that makes it easy to control what you are watching. Furthermore, there is a manual to guide you on how to use your remote control.
  • Voice search– The remote control of this streaming device has a voice search feature that gives you full control over what you are viewing. This feature is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.
  • Roku streaming stick + headphone editions automatically updates all its software without disturbing you. This ensures everything is up to date.
  • All users of this streaming stick can access various application and materials by visiting the channel store.
  • This streaming stick will grant access to various streaming services, most of which are free. YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, NBA, HBO Now, Hulu, Vudu and PlayStation Vue are some services you can access.


You will really enjoy every moment of using Roku streaming stick + headphone edition. It ranges from performance and usage.

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