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Nvidia Shield Tv Review

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Nvidia Shield Tv Review

A modern living room should have a streaming media device with incredible features. NVIDIA shield TV streaming media device is one of the numerous devices to choose from. It stands out for individuals who want an extra storage space for their videos and music, among others. Well, NVIDIA Shield TV has two USB ports where you can connect your device to various things such as USB keyboards and storage devices, among others. That’s not all; this streaming media device makes you feel in a cinema because of its high quality display that make things appear real. You are not limited to movies and programs when using this device. There are plenty of games you can play using NVIDIA Shield TV.

That’s not all; this media device comes with a user manual that makes it easy to set up. You require an internet connection when operating your NVIDIA Shield TV. Afterward, log in to your Gmail account. You can stream directly using this media device or retrieve saved files and play them through your television set. This is a rare feature that numerous streaming media devices lack.

It is recommended for people who love gaming.

You can use voice command to control the device without physically touching the device.

It supports external storage devices.
Some individuals find its fan loud.


  • 0.3 Lbs. weight– The weight of this NVIDIA Shield TV is 0.3 lbs. As a result, it is among the lightest streaming media devices. This makes it easy for individuals to carry the device around and also place it anywhere next to your television set.
  • This streaming device has an Ethernet port that allows you to connect it to a wired internet connection. Simply connect it to the port on your NVIDIA Shield TV and get started.
  • You can also use Wi-Fi to access the internet and enjoy your favorite videos, movies, programs and applications. Use a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid buffering.
  • NVIDIA Shield TV streaming media device is black in color, making it easy blend with any color theme in your house. Hence, anyone can comfortably use it.
  • PC’s that have windows as their operating system can be used in sharing files as they are compatible with NVIDIA Shield TV Streaming media device. This allows you to share as many files as possible.
  • You can play different music formats using this device. Ensure your music have the supported formats before playing them.  WMA, AAC, WAVE, MP3, AAC+, PCM, FLAC, WMA-Lossless, eAAC+, OGG Vorbis and AMR are some supported formats you can play using this media device.
  • NVIDIA Shield TV supports some Smartphone installed remote applications. Android, android tablet iOS and iOS are the supported operating systems.
  • This streaming media device offers its users a variety of streaming services. YouTube, HBO Now, Netflix, NHL, Disney movie anywhere, Pandora and Google play movies are some services you can access.
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Nvidia Shield Tv Review

Special Features

  • NVIDIA Shield TV streaming media device has a storage capacity of 8GB. Thus, you can store different data and access it at your own convenient time.
  • Individuals who desire more storage space should take advantage of the two USB ports on this media device. This allows them to use external storage devices to access their stored data and play it on their television set.
  • Dots-x and Dolby atoms sound– NVIDIA Shield TV never disappoints when it comes to sound. Its speakers are powerful enough to project sound in your room.
  • 4k HDR Quality display– You will be impressed by the video quality projections that appear real. The 4K HDR quality display makes you feel inside a cinema.
  • A remote control– NVIDIA Shield TV comes with a remote control that allows you to view your favorite videos without waking up from sofa set. Furthermore, the remote control is easy to use.
  • Voice command– This streaming media device has a remote control with a Mic that accepts voice commands. You can use Google assistant or Amazon Alexa. Each voice command is instant.
  • The RAM of this device is 2 Gigabyte, which is one of the reasons behind the efficiency of this streaming media device.
  • NVIDIA Shield TV streaming media device grants its users unlimited access to Google play store. Therefore, you can access different applications while browsing.
  • This device allows you to display videos you are viewing on your phone on your Television set.

Nvidia Shield Tv Review


Don’t struggle looking for a streaming media device with sufficient storage space and a good reputation. Simply, choose NVIDIA Shield TV streaming media device and enjoy watching your favorite programs.

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