How to Grow Long Nails in 3 Days: Ideas & Tips

How to Grow Long Nails

Not sure how to have long nails? In this article, you will find different ways to stimulate and accelerate the growth of nails so that you can look long and beautiful in a short time. Do not miss it! I will tell you how to grow nails in 3 days.

How Long do Nails Take to Grow

Nails grow naturally, although in some cases, it is not as fast as desired. If having long natural nails has become your next goal, you should know that some factors stop nail growth, such as biting them, always having them painted, or maintaining an unbalanced diet.

You may have noticed that fingernails tend to grow faster than toenails. In general, natural nail growth is around:

  • Fingernails . 4 millimeters per month, which is equivalent to 4.8 centimeters per year.
  • Toenails. 1.6 millimeters per month and 1.9 centimeters per year.

On the other hand, nail growth is uneven, and they do not grow evenly on all fingers. The nails of the more extensive toes appear to grow faster than those of the little ones. Keep in mind that if you suffered a blow or had an infection that caused a nail to fall, it will take between 4 and 6 months to regenerate.

Now, how do you grow nails fast? Take note of the following tips.

How to Grow your Nails in 3 Days

How to Grow Long Nails

Don’t you know how to have long nails in a few days? There are different tricks and home remedies that can help you have nice long nails fast. To do this, look at the following recommendations into practice and note the home remedies shown in this article, and you will find how to grow nails in 3 days.

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Increase the amount of protein-rich foods in your diet, as these are essential nutrients in the formation and growth of nails. To show off super long nails, drink protein shakes, add dairy to your breakfast and add a daily supplement of vitamin D and biotin.


Rather than doing exercises, you should do activities that make you move your fingers since these increase blood flow to the fingers, indirectly stimulating nail growth. Perform daily activities such as typing on a keyboard, playing the piano, filing documents, etc.


Countless homemade beauty tips can help you have the longest nails in the world in no time. How to grow bitten nails? In a bowl, place the eggshell and process until it is turned into a powder. Then add this powder inside your favorite polish. The calcium contained in the eggshell will be of great benefit to grow short nails.


Garlic is famous for its extraordinary medicinal properties, which can help stop biting your nails and make them grow fast. To do this, mince a very fine garlic clove and place it inside a transparent enamel. Paint your short nails with this garlic polish, using it as a base before the color polish.


Cucumber is one of the vegetables most used in beauty treatments, thanks to its incredible healing properties. Of course, if you use it daily, it can be a perfect ally to end brittle nails and make the miracle that you have long nails in 3 days.

To do this, process half a cucumber with its skin and immerse the nails in this smoothie, about 15 minutes. Repeat this treatment once a week for natural long nails.

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How to grow nails in a minute? Onion can do this miracle due to its powerful medicinal properties. Process half a peeled onion and soak the nails in this juice for 30 minutes to obtain its benefits. If you want to accelerate nail growth, you can also use onion juice, leaving it to act overnight on the nails, for which you will need to wrap your hands with gloves or plastic bags.

Olive oil

How to grow nails fast? One of the best tips for nails that he can give you is to hydrate them daily with olive oil since its rich content in vitamin E works favorably by stimulating their growth. To do this, place in 1 cup of hot water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and soak the nails for 10 minutes. Do not rinse your hands. Drain a little on absorbent paper and take the opportunity to massage your nails.


Horsetail is a medicinal plant with excellent properties to accelerate nail growth and end the bad habit of bitten nails. To obtain its benefits, prepare a horsetail infusion, let it cool and soak your nails in it for 10 minutes. Repeat this treatment several times a week.

Beauty Treatments for Nails

How to Grow Long Nails

If you like to show off your hands well-groomed, you should surely be aware of the appearance of your nails. Luckily, there are different beauty treatments that you can do with everyday products. I recommend that you take a look at the ones that make up the following list. If you adopt them all, you might even learn how to grow nails fast in two days or less.

  • Moisturizing cuticle treatment with olive oil. You will know why you must learn to cut nails properly and keep them hydrated, for which you can use olive oil. It is a simple but very effective treatment.
  • Fortifying remedy for nails with garlic. Garlic has a remarkable ability to nourish the cuticles, but it will also help prevent them from contracting fungi and other types of infections. You will know a practical and straightforward way to obtain its benefits.
  • Nail hardener with rose water and lemon. You will discover a simple recipe to make and apply that will help you prevent your nails from becoming weak and breaking.
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