The 5 most refreshing eyebrow shapes (and how to choose yours)

Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrows can actually make us look younger by changing the appearance of our faces. Although they are not always naturally formed and we don’t always wear the best-fitting eyebrow forms…

Since a few years ago, eyebrows have taken on a prominent role in makeup appearance. Because of this, procedures like Microblading and eyebrow lamination are becoming more popular, and the cosmetics lines for their maintenance are taking up greater space on perfumeries’ shelves. And it is true that the face can even be rejuvenated with the right brow shape. Do you desire to learn how?

How to Know What is The Shape of My Eyebrow?

Beyond trends (now they are thick and combed upward), each face’s features dictate the shape of the eyebrows. As a result, before making a decision, we must perform a quick study to determine the three essential points of the eyebrow:

  1. Where does it start: A pencil is placed vertically and parallel to the nose, going through the eyebrow and the fin. The commencement is indicated by the location where it meets this.
  2. The highest point: The pencil is positioned diagonally from the nostril, passing through the pupil of the eye to define the arch. The pencil’s highest point will be where it crosses the eyebrow.
  3. Where it ends: Take the pencil back to the nostril and position it so that it crosses through the corner (or outer vertex) of the eye to identify the final end of the brow. The end of it will be where the pencil touches the eyebrow.
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5 most refreshing eyebrow shapes

Avoid rounder eyebrow shapes if you don’t want to look older than you are because they are the ones that age the most. Although they are perfect for balancing very angular faces with a very defined jawline, such as squares or triangles, it is preferable to mark the angle so that it is sharper to avoid a rounded appearance if you already have this shape naturally.

Instead, the following eyebrow forms are the most rejuvenating:

Straight Eyebrow

Eyebrow Shapes

Because the beginning, middle, and end are all the same height, this style of eyebrow essentially has no angle. This greatly simplifies routine maintenance. Because they favor a shortening effect and seem quite youthful, especially when worn thick, they are perfect for elongated and oval faces.

Arched Eyebrow

Eyebrow Shapes

They have a noticeable angle, though not quite as much as angular eyebrows. They enable the stylization of rounded faces and the addition of geometry to alter their circular dynamics. Additionally, they let you expand your eyes and are better suited for people with heavy brows.

Angular Eyebrow

Eyebrow Shapes

A highly distinct angle that causes the first half of the eyebrow to create an ascending line and the second, a descending one, defines this particular shape. It has a strong renewing effect as a result, but this design should not be forced or overdone as it could harden the appearance.

In S Eyebrow

Eyebrow Shapes

Although it is difficult to discern, the sinuous brow contour has a very noticeable revitalizing impact. Although it is an inclined eyebrow, it differs from the foxy in that it has an S shape that denotes an angle with two clearly distinct heights between the inner and outer halves of the eyebrow. Because of this, it gives the face a lot of personalities and looks bad when pressed unnaturally.

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Foxy Eyebrow

Eyebrow Shapes

Since they favor a feline appearance, they are the trendy eyebrows that many desire and for which they undertake procedures like the eyebrow lift. It is a style of angled eyebrow that is nearly straight and has the most revitalizing impact by emphasizing the slanted curve of the eye. But it’s not a form that can be imposed with expert brow shaping. It is either yours or it is not.

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