Eyebrow straightening, Smoothing, Care, and how long does it last

Eyebrow Straightening Care

Daily eyebrow care is a thing of the past. Learn about eyebrow straightening, a quick and affordable procedure that will give you picture-perfect brows for at least a month.

It’s no accident that eyebrow treatments are fashionable. Many people have developed a fixation with wearing flawless eyebrows due to the trend toward natural and crowded styles. One procedure gaining popularity is brow straightening because it enables you to flaunt a flawless design and put off touch-ups for weeks.

What is Eyebrow Smoothing?

It is one of the best procedures for people who already have defined, beautiful eyebrows and want to maintain them for the rest of the season. It’s as if we went to the salon and the hairstyle lasted weeks so that we could comprehend one another.

What makes it possible? The doctor advises this therapy for untidy eyebrows or those with an asymmetry in the direction of the hair: “Using a chemical shaper for the eyebrow hair.” This expert claims that eyebrows with short hair are the most appropriate.

How to do Eyebrow Straightening?

Eyebrow Straightening Care

The process is the same in every situation. “We correctly pluck the eyebrows first, then use a grease-removing product, perming liquid, and a micro-brush, before applying a film to set the form. After removing and applying the neutralizer, we condition the brow and trim any out-of-place hairs, says the expert.

This ceremony can be finished with a color change if desired, and it lasts roughly 30 minutes (in which case that additional time will have to be added).

Eyebrow Straightening Care

The eyebrow specialist “recommends a protein-rich conditioner to continue nourishing that hair that has been partially transformed in structure” during the procedure, even though this eyebrow perm does not need any kind of aftercare.

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How Long Does an Eyebrow Straightening Last?

Eyebrow Straightening Care

Between 21 and 35 days, depending on the person and type of eyebrow. This means that after the procedure, we can spend about a month without touching up our brows. a benefit when it comes to applying makeup every day!

Lamination or Straightening of Eyebrows

Eyebrow laminating, the trendy procedure to display flawless brows, has already been covered in other publications. Although the laminate often incorporates a vertical pattern of each hairdo, experts claim that in practice we may simply better comb the eyebrows. In other words, it aims to highlight properly groomed, bushy eyebrows without requiring daily touch-ups.

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