5 Types of Natural Highlights to Give Volume to Your Fine Hair

Hair that is thin and lacks volume? A drastic change in your hairstyle can be accomplished by carefully selecting a new color and cut that complements your features. With the assistance of an industry professional, we will share with you the top five types of natural highlights recommended for giving volume to fine hair. Expert word!

Playing with two or three different color tones is the most significant thing you can do to create volume. If you want the end result to look natural, it’s best if the two of them don’t have too much of a contrast with one another.

  • When it comes to brown hair, we will put our money on hazelnut, honey, warm tones, and copper…
  • In order to create contrast in blonde hair, we can make some highlights in the hair a little lighter.

5 Types of Natural Highlights

  • The best technique is the Baby Lights highlights, which are highlights that blend extremely well with any color and any type of hair.
  • Melting wicks are another excellent choice. This approach is suitable for all types of hair because it does not over-treat or damage it.
  • Balayage highlights will be a hit. We must avoid using excessively thick wicks because they will look artificial on fine hair and produce the opposite effect that we want.
  • Gentle touches. In any case, the light touches will add dimension and movement to the hair, as well as brightness to the face.
  • In short hair, a stained tip will be essential. Increases the visual impact of volume. It will look wonderful, for example, in a pixie hairstyle. The secret is to keep the roots darker.
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In the gallery, we’ll show you examples of each of these types of highlights and explain what they’re made of in detail. But first, we’d like to share with you some tips for adding volume to your hair:

Tricks to Give Volume to Your Hair

  • For fine hair, use shampoo and conditioner. These products prepare the hair and produce the desired volume and density.
  • To achieve a somewhat more voluminous impression, dry the hair upside down or with a brush (always shaping the strands from the roots forward and upwards).
  • The curlers of a lifetime are one of the things that still work today and are one of the most effective ways to keep the volume going.
  • Finish by blow-drying your hair with cold air. If you leave hot hair and do not cool it down, it will not return to its normal shape in two seconds.
  • Apply a non-dirty lacquer on the surface. You will get the effect if you use too much product on fine hair. Instead of being set, the hair will be disheveled and flattened. A medium-hold hairspray will do the trick.


Natural Highlight

These are lighter-than-the-base-tone highlights that are spread throughout the hair. They strive to replicate the sunkissed look, thus the frontal locks and tips are lighter because they would be more exposed to the sun.

You can choose between hazelnut highlights, honey-toned highlights, copper highlights, and so on. Always aim for them to be two to three shades darker than the natural base of the hair.

Melting Highlights

Natural Highlight

The melting highlights leave the original color of the hair in the root area, resulting in a much smoother, nearly undetectable transition between the base color and the highlights.

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If you have grey hair, you can achieve a similar appearance by creating a darker root and lighter tip gradient. The key is that the color is not completely flat, as this provides the impression of little movement and less volume.

Balayage Highlights

Natural Highlight

Balayage highlights create a realistic gradation from root to tip. They highlight the hair, create dimension, and look fantastic on wavy or mid-length hair.

Babylights, Balayage… Which of the several types of highlights will best suit you? We answer all of your questions here.

Brown Highlights

Natural Highlight

The hints of light will undoubtedly be successful for you if the outcome you’re after is one that is quite natural. These will make it possible for you to give your hair dimension as well as volume.

Blonde Highlights

Natural Highlight

Last but not least, we suggest opting for staining just the tips of your hair if you have short hair. You only need to maintain the natural tone of your foundation and add a variety of lighter colors to the ends of your hair.

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