How to Apply Natural Makeup Step by Step: Tips for Day and Night

Natural Makeup Step by Step

In the following article, you will learn two natural makeup techniques to look day and night and highlight your beauty with these fantastic tips. If you want to learn how to make up natural, you have come to the right place. In the following article, you will learn how to apply makeup naturally step by step and highlight your beauty with the right and necessary touches.

Characteristics of a Simple and Natural Makeup

Makeup is an art. You can make your face look young, radiant, eliminate wrinkles, highlight the lips, eyes, or reduce natural blemishes with good makeup techniques.

Thanks to the various products that exist for makeup, you can achieve a natural look, highlight the best parts of your face and make it look like you don’t even have makeup.

What are the characteristics of supernatural makeup? These are some points that makeup must meet to make it look natural:

  • We should use shades similar to one’s skin color
  • We should do a deep cleaning before putting on makeup
  • We must contemplate the illumination of the face.
  • The blush should not be missing. With blush, you can give a natural tone to your cheeks.
  • The color of the lipstick should be clear, semi-matte, or matte.

Step-by-Step Natural Makeup Tutorial

Natural Makeup Step by Step

If you want to learn how to apply natural makeup step by step, I will share natural makeup tips for two different moments, day and night.

Achieve a youthful and natural look by following these instructions. Highlight your beauty with simple tips and learn how to apply natural makeup step by step.

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Natural Makeup for the Day

Follow the steps to achieve a look with a natural finish:

  • Deep clean your skin before putting on makeup.
  • Use a moisturizer to prepare the skin.
  • Add the concealer of dark circles to prevent the makeup base from being altered later.
  • Use small amounts of foundation and blend it in. Use a tone equal to that of your skin.
  • Use the concealer to illuminate the face by giving points of light: on the nose, forehead, and cheeks.
  • Use some natural blush for the cheekbones. Aim for light colors like pink or peach.
  • Use beige eyeshadow for the eyelid and orbital bone.
  • Apply a dark brown shade to the outer area of ​​the mobile eyelid.
  • Outline the top of the eye with a very smooth line.
  • Add a layer of mascara without overdoing it. You can use brown mascara for a more natural effect.
  • Fill in your lips with natural shades like light pink, subtle brown.
  • Apply gloss in the center of the lips to give volume.

Natural Evening Makeup

If you are going out at night and you want natural makeup with a touch of originality, follow the steps below:

  • Wash and apply a moisturizer.
  • Apply a primer to give a more natural touch to the skin.
  • Apply a light shadow to the movable eyelid and add color to the outer area of ​​the eyelid. You can choose a color that matches the clothes you will wear. It will be the original touch of night makeup.
  • Line your eyes on the lower eyelid only about 3/4 of the way and completely delineate the upper eyelid.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Apply lip gloss
  • Use concealer for dark circles to illuminate some face areas such as the nose, forehead, and cheeks. Blend it, and you will achieve natural makeup for the perfect night.
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