10 Beautiful and Trendy Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

If you want to switch to short hair by betting on a trendy style and, by the way, lose a few years, you can’t go wrong with this collection of trendy short hairstyles.

Many women of a particular age prefer the benefits of a short haircut and seek innovative styles that refresh their image and give them a revitalized appearance. It is not so much about cutting hair to be more comfortable after the age of 50, but about boosting the level of the look and obtaining some style with regenerated hair.

If this is the case, and you want a modern short haircut for your new look, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before pulling out the scissors. Continue reading!

How do I Know If Short Hair Looks Good on Me?

There is a face trick that might help you decide whether short hair will suit your face. It comprises measuring the distance from your chin to your earlobe and ensuring that it is less than 5.7 millimeters. To achieve this, position a pencil horizontally at chin height and a ruler vertically to measure the distance to the beginning of the ear. Short hair will be quite safe for you if the distance is less than that figure.

Aside from this approach, keep in mind that any short hair may be tailored to each face so that it flatters it by simply taking into account the features’ qualities, the thickness, and the shape of the hair you have. And it is by experimenting with the many parts of the haircut (scaled, sideburns, bangs, stripes, textured, paraded, etc.) that we may accentuate the most appealing qualities while reducing the volumes that do not interest us in each case.

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How do I Know Which Short Haircut Suits Me?

It is best to understand what type of oval you have before deciding on a haircut. For example, if you have a long face, you cannot choose a cut that adds volume to the top but must instead add volume to the sides. If you have a round face, it is best to add volume to the head while leaving the sides more flattened. If not, you can always go with a bob cut, which suits all hair types and faces.

Keep in mind that round faces are ones that are around the same height as width. The same is true for squares, except that they have a considerably more pronounced jaw that hardens their features.

Faces with a heart or diamond shape have a broad forehead that contrasts with the sharpness of the chin. Triangular-shaped faces, on the other hand, are distinguished by their prominent jawline and thin forehead.

Elongated faces, on the other hand, have a vertical dimension that clearly exceeds the horizontal, either due to a high forehead, an elongated chin, or a combination of the two.

What Haircuts Make a Woman Look Younger?

Without a question, it is advisable to choose haircuts that revitalize the features after the age of 50, albeit several elements come into play in this regard. On the one hand, we can revitalize our image by adding a fringe to our hairstyle because it is a feature that provides an instant anti-aging impact. It will function to remove years from your face whether it is uneven, draped, brow-length, light, or blunt. Although it will always be required to consider the factions in order to select the most flattering.

On the other hand, because mature hair loses density with time, it is best to choose haircuts that emphasize volume. In this way, short hairstyles provide us with the most freedom because they take the weight off the hair and allow it to stand up more from the roots. Making minor climbs in the lower section of the mane will also help to add body to the mane.

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Similarly, characteristics like layers and hair highlights add movement and dynamism to the hair, which has a very renewing impact. As a result, after a certain age, it is preferable to opt for this sort of resource that produces movement and even volume when seeking for current short haircuts.

Similarly, haircuts with a sloppy finish work well for revitalizing the face since they create a more youthful appearance with a casual touch. They are also quite simple to keep up on a daily basis!

10 Trendy Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Bixie Cut

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Halfway between the pixie and the bob, this year’s hair trend is both easy to maintain and fashionable. It also has the ability to resurrect factions. One of its benefits is that it frames the face and covers the ears, making it very attractive.

Messy Pixie

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

It is a pixie with the most refreshing casual finish. This disheveled (yet regulated) appearance allows you to subtract years without sacrificing an iota of grace.


Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

This collarbone-length hair with a forward tilt to give movement to the hair, which also encourages the sense of larger volume, is at the limit of what we may consider short hair. Excellent for mature hair!

Sharp Bob

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

The bob never goes out of style and is ideal for women over 50 because it refreshes the look. It is now highly polished, slightly rounded with indicated ends, and perfectly straight. If we combine it with a line in the middle, we will be able to save a few more years.

Pixie with Bangs

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

When we combine two rejuvenating components, like a pixie cut and bangs, we get this trendy and suggested style for mature faces. If you have a round face, sideways bangs will suit you perfectly. If your hair is long, add one to the brows to visually shorten it.

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Long Bob

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

The long bob, worn above the shoulders, is perfect for rejuvenating aged faces without sacrificing styling freedom. And it’s still a thing. It is the most popular haircut in hairdressing establishments among individuals over the age of 50.

Micro-Bob with Bangs

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

The short bob, worn between the chin and the earlobe, has a highly renewing effect on the face and creates a very current style. When you combine it with a fringe, you’ll get the long-awaited ‘wow’ impact.

Long Pixie

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

This form of the pixie is long and somewhat scaled, and it looks great when paired with a lopsided bang like this one. If you have a long face, leave the area of the neck long as it will benefit you greatly.

Blunt Bob

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Within the bob style, the scaled ones that generate the feathery impression are ideal for shaving off a few years. Furthermore, it is a very comfortable style to wear on a daily basis. Simply dry your hair upside down and, if desired, apply a little wax to the ends to create that blunt impression.

Punk Pixie

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

If you play with the elevated fringe within the pixie styles, you can give the hairstyle an even more youthful aspect. Without a doubt, it adds a sensual touch to the haircut that a decent hairspray can create.

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