French Manicure: A Step by Step Guide with How to do it at Home

French Manicure

Types, designs, and ideas of French manicure for short and long nails. Would you like to do a French manicure? Well, if so, don’t miss this article. Not only will I tell you what the French manicure is about, but also how to easily do it at home and share types, designs, and ideas that you are going to love.

What is French Manicure?

Everyone says much about the French manicure but what it is. The French manicure is neither more nor less than the one that reproduces the natural aspect of the nail, with a pink base and white tips. However, it has its flats. Let’s discover them together. Will you accompany me?

Why is it called that, and who invented it?

French manicure was on the rise in France, more precisely in Paris, by the hand of Jeff Pink, during the 70s of the last century. The truth is that Pink thought about a natural look to respond to the demand of film directors and producers, who needed a style in nail decoration that combined with all the costumes of their actresses. In any case, such a style has already existed since the early twentieth century.

What to do with it? Kit

Now, you will need a basic kit with what to do a French manicure. It should include pink nail polish, white nail polish, glitter, and stickers, to facilitate applying the white nail polish on the tips.

How long does it last, and how to make it last longer?

French Manicure

On the other hand, you should know that the French manicure lasts approximately 15 daysHowever, there are things you can do to make it stay better, for longer.

  • Choose a natural color but not so light or transparent.
  • Apply a coat of nail strengthener before polishing.
  • Make a white line, not too thin, not too thick, on the tips of the nails.
  • Apply two coats of color at the base of the nails.
  • Protect the entire nails with a shiny and transparent gel.
  • Let it dry very well before using your hands-on tasks that could damage the enamel.
  • Touch up the gel, giving a new layer after a couple of days.
  • Touch up the enamel a week.
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Remember that you can also do the French manicure on your feet.

How to do an easy French manicure at home?

French Manicure

You see, doing the French manicure at home is not difficult if you follow the step by step above. However, there are specific issues like the ones I present below that you may have to consider.

On short nails

Perhaps you have very short nails, and you wonder if the French manicure applies to them. The truth is that it is not only applicable but also, they will look longer. Of course, the white line should be thinner than if you had long nails. To make them neat, you can outline them with tape or stickers.


Now, if you want to achieve a semi-permanent French manicure, you should know that for this, you must use gels and exceptional products that have these properties of durability and permanence.


French Manicure

Instead, permanent French manicure requires permanent gels, acrylics, or polishes. We can do some of these techniques at home, but a specialist can only do others. In any case, you must take into account the different options.


Unlike the traditional French manicure, the French gradient manicure does not show a perfect cut between white and pink but melts both polishes using a makeup sponge.


It is similar to the previous one but instead of making the gradient between white and pink, blur the white over the base glitter.

With stickers

The stickers that generally come with French manicure kits are beneficial for making the white line. Use them so that your nails are perfect.

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There is talk of reverse, inverted, or upside-down French manicure, best known as nails with a half-moonYou can even leave the crescent, just shiny with your natural nail color and unpainted.

Of colors

As for the colored French manicure, your imagination will only set the limit since the possibilities of designs and colors are practically endless.

More ideas to decorate your nails

In any case, if you like to show off your decorated nails, below you will find other good ideas to do so. Enjoy them!

  • With sponge. With a simple sponge, you can achieve incredible effects on your nails to make them look more beautiful and fun. Try it, and it’s effortless!
  • With newspaper. Another idea that you are going to love is to get some cute prints on your painted nails. It is effortless, and you will only need newspaper and alcohol. Do you dare?
  • With water. Finally, a suggestion that I am sure you will not miss. You will only need water, in addition to your nail polishes. The result will surprise you. Be sure to check it out!
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