Art Deco Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Home

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

Art deco bedroom. The refined and luxurious art deco style originated in Europe almost a hundred years ago as an attribute of the elite’s rich life. Today it is an expensive exclusive that does not tolerate cheap décor, where modernity is combined with classics, and extraordinary design ideas are brought to life.

Features of an Art Deco Bedroom

The art deco style in the interior is characterized by an abundance of expensive materials, precious metals, stones, and collectible art objects. In the bedroom, stylized in this direction, the atmosphere of luxury reigns. But the environment itself remains unusually comfortable and cozy.

An art deco bedroom is a perfection and elegance in everything: from walls to decor items. The hallmark of this direction is furniture made only from natural wood or metal, an abundance of light, the presence of a large number of mirrors, expensive textiles, paintings, valuable accessories.

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

Wall Decoration

When finishing surfaces, it should be borne in mind that walls are also a decorative element in the art deco style. Smooth textures in the spirit of minimalism will be inappropriate here. Combined tapestries, collages, tapestries, painting are best suited for decoration. The bedroom walls in this style are replete with asymmetrical or straight lines, decorated with drawings and patterns.

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

Ornament is a characteristic feature of the Art Deco style. Soft and rounded shapes (waves, ovals, circles, arches) create the interior. If it is a niche, it should be elliptical. The exact figure can be present on the ceiling, podium, or doorway.

In this case, contrast is achieved not due to the color scheme but by combining different textures – smooth and rough. But the decor cannot be abused. The walls are only the framing and decoration of the art deco bedroom and not the main accent in its interior.

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Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

The main requirement for lighting is that it must be saturated. This is achieved by natural light and the presence of many lamps – multistage, trapezoidal, spherical, in the form of a tower, etc.

In the art deco style, lighting serves not so much the primary function as it emphasizes the bohemian and beauty of the room. This is best ensured by a luxurious chandelier – crystal, with semi-precious stones, crystals, crystal or forging elements, gilded or silver plated.

Additionally, LED lighting illuminates individual areas or decorative elements: niches, shelves, mirrors, paintings, etc. Table lamps and floor lamps of fancy shape are also excellent.

Floors and Ceilings

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

There are a lot of floor design options, but the main criterion is its naturalness. The luxury of an art deco bedroom is perfectly emphasized by dark wood parquet, polished marble imitation, or self-leveling floor. You can also choose carpet or dense linoleum, but always with a rich exclusive coating.

The ceilings are the decoration of the style. The well-lit stepped structure, adorned with gilded or silvered leaves, will give the bedroom a splendor worthy of kings. Any ceiling of an unusual shape with stucco molding and lighting will perfectly fit into the art deco interior.


Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

The art deco bedroom interior requires a very competent selection of textile elements. Appropriate curtains that fall in deep folds, with hooks in the form of gilded tassels, satin or silk bedspreads, and pillows with drapery, embroidery, applique.

Animal skins, fluffy Persian rugs, luxurious furniture covers are perfect. There should be a mat with a long thick pile by the bed. The main requirement for textiles is softness, the grace of lines, flowing shapes, and an ornament that matches the bedroom’s overall design. Draperies made of beautiful fabric are a vital decoration of the room. Such decoration makes the room cozy, warm and romantic.

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Accessories and Decor Elements

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

The art deco feature is expensive, exquisite accessories. When creating a bedroom design, one should pay the most incredible attention to spectacular decor elements that match the style requirements and combine, creating a harmonious and integral space.

For the bedroom, expensive hand-painted paintings, caskets made of natural stone, various souvenirs decorated with reptile skin and ivory are suitable. Large tables and floor vases painted with geometric patterns and ancient ornaments will fit nicely into the interior.

Furniture and Mirrors

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

The undoubted favorite of the Art Deco interior is the artsy furniture with inlaid and carved elements. The main aspect of the bedroom is a bed with an oval or curly headboard covered with leather, silk, velvet, or velour. The legs are necessarily massive – the Art Deco style bed should become the embodiment of the monumentality passed through the centuries. A forged frame with jewelry made of gold, silver, or bronze is also suitable for this style. The presence of bedside tables and a dressing table is a must.

Important! In art deco, it is allowed to combine pieces of furniture from different headsets and different styles, but their color and texture must match.

Mirrors are an integral part of the Art Deco style. They bring in a lot of light and visually increase the space. But the primary function of mirrors in a bedroom with such an interior is to create the effect of a plurality of ornaments and elements, which increases when reflected, which makes the room even richer.

A mirror framed in the form of sun rays will look especially impressive. Sunburst finishes are perfect for art deco interiors. This can be the form of ornament, accessories, decorative elements. Lines and stripes (not only diverging but also parallel, asymmetrical, etc.) can be depicted on the wallpaper, headboard, the high back of a sofa or chairs. They will go well with a sizeable sun-like mirror.

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Choosing a Color Scheme for an Art Deco Bedroom

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

In art deco, there are no specific requirements for color solutions. You can decorate the bedroom in any variation, but the colors should be contrasting. All interior elements must be highlighted so that nothing is lost.

It is better to make the main tone neutral and then revive it with bright colors that match the background but bring their flavor to the room. Black and white, gray-blue, chocolate-beige, white-burgundy combinations look great. Experts recommend using three shades, in which two will be the background, and one will become an element of chic (gold, silver, bronze).

An art deco bedroom is a home to elegant luxury with a graceful interweaving of classic design and modern trends. Such an interior and the very process of its design will suit subtle creative people who gravitate towards art and strive to decorate their home on their own. But for everything to look exclusive and luxurious, it is advisable to use the services or consultation of a designer. Indeed, in this style, there are many mandatory elements, oversaturation, which can easily ruin even the most expensive design.

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