5 Blending Ideas for a Comfortable and Beautiful Hallway

Good lighting, convenient layout, and high-quality finishes can increase the area and hide the room’s imperfections – we will tell you how.

The entrance hall may not be the most important room, but she creates the first impression of the house. We show with examples how to decorate a beautiful and comfortable hallway so that, returning from work, you immediately plunge into the atmosphere of home comfort.

1. Abundance of Natural Light

Beautiful Hallway

Air and light were also added to this hallway in a small Stalin. The designer used front double doors with transoms and beveled glass inserts – through the natural light enters the hallway and is multiplied by the mirrored doors of the wardrobe for outerwear.

2. Lighting for Comfort

Beautiful Hallway

Even if you’ve got a small and dark hallway, it’s easy to fix it with good lighting and a mirror.

In a small studio apartment, the designer used built-in spots and a table lamp. A large mirror for almost the entire wall visually enlarges the space.

3. Comfortable Soft Space

Beautiful Hallway

The designer did not miss the opportunity to equip a soft zone in the spacious hallway. This is especially convenient when there are children or older people in the family – you can change your shoes on a soft sofa or comfortably wait until all the household members get together for a walk.

4. Non-Standard Blend

Beautiful Hallway

An unusual entrance hall is one of the features of this apartment. It looks like a set from a science fiction movie. Right off the bat, you understand that the owners are not afraid of bold, non-standard decisions. The entrance hall is entirely lined with porcelain stoneware panels and is a cube.

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5. Smart Storage

Beautiful Hallway

There are two wardrobes for outerwear. In the first, there are two levels for short clothes and an upper bar, which is lowered down to the level of the hands using a special mechanism—the second closet stores long outerwear, as well as shoes in an additional bottom drawer. And next to the front door, an area with a seat and a storage system for shoes was allocated.

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