5 Stylish Retro Style Bathroom Ideas

Retro Bathroom

Today there are no barriers in design: if you want to live in the interiors of the 30s, 60s of the last century, or maybe even the year before last – no problem! The choice of finishing materials, furniture, and décor are very diverse.

And it’s great that plumbing manufacturers are releasing models of mixers and sanitary ware for retro, which at the same time meet all modern requirements for functionality, ergonomics, and quality.

1. Gold Fittings in Olive Bathroom

According to the designer’s idea, this bathroom should be ceremonial in perception and not quite traditional. For brightness, a fresco for wet rooms with a rich pattern, gold faucets, fittings, and décor were used. Just look at these unusual retro lamps in front of the mirror!

Here you can see that the homeowner has combined the bygone era’s motives and inimitable French chic and harmoniously integrated them into a modern context.

The furniture was chosen in olive color and a panel over the bathroom. The tiles here are as large as possible to achieve a seamless coating feeling – like a casket made of expensive stone.

2. Bathroom with a Luxurious Panel

Retro Bathroom

This bathroom has a lot of light, air, and glare from the abundance of mirrors and crystals. The shower stall was abandoned, and an elegant claw-foot bath was installed. The “floating shell” and the mirrored wall behind it create an airy space. Well, a bright accent is a very beautiful mosaic panel behind the bathroom.

3. Snow White Bathroom

Retro Bathroom

The layout of this bathroom turned out to be unusual: this is due to the fact that there is a sewer shaft in the center of a small room, which cannot be moved or even moved. The designer managed to harmoniously fit the washbasin and the toilet.

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The bathroom was made white to visually increase the space. Equip white ceramic tiles were used on the walls. The shape of the tiles is called “Arabesque”: it is quite difficult to lay, but it looks very impressive. On the floor, there is white marble-effect porcelain stoneware.

4. Elegant and Cozy Bathroom

Retro Bathroom

This bathroom is small, but it seems spacious due to the built-in mirror panel behind the bathroom. And the furnishings look elegant and cozy.

They used luxurious carved elements in furniture, different lighting scenarios, natural stone, and laid out beautiful mosaics on the floor. And look how exquisitely beat the frame for the mirror!

5. Large Bathroom with Windows

Retro Bathroom

This model is specially designed for wet rooms, and in the off state, it imitates a mirror. All the furniture in the bathroom was made according to individual drawings. There is a washing machine in the cabinet under the sink behind the door. An apron was made from wooden panels under the bathroom – you can open them and use the space as a storage place. Above the sink, flush with the wall, a mirror cabinet is built into which it is convenient to store cosmetics.

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