Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Have you ever stopped to think about the hours you spend in the bathroom? According to data, it is estimated that a person goes, on average, 6 times a day to the bathroom and, therefore, we spend 1.5 years on average in it, in addition to spending 92 days on the toilet. Curious, right?

We know it may be a strange question, but I really wanted you to see how important it is to decorate a bathroom to your liking, in addition to keeping it clean, for all the hours we spend in it.

Decoration that will change, not only depending on what you or the people who live in that house like, but also its size, trends and, of course, the budget you have.

In addition, there are other aspects that must be taken into account, such as whether or not it has natural lighting; whether or not it has ventilation, etc. Why? Because depending on these small details you will choose one type of color or another for the walls or, at least, you will have more variety. It also influences whether you will have to put an extractor for bathrooms or not, etc.

So, in this article we want to give you ideas to decorate all kinds of bathrooms, depending on the aspects we just mentioned.

Small Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

In small bathrooms there can be two cases: either it is a secondary bathroom or it is the main one, but since the house is small, so is the bathroom.

  • Small master bathroom: the important thing in these cases is that it is equipped with the basics to make the most of the space. In addition, the auxiliary furniture used must be functional; something that is not at odds with aesthetics.
  • Small secondary bathroom: if you think about it, you will only need a toilet and an auxiliary cabinet with a sink. If you want to take advantage of something else, the walls are going to be your best ally, such as, for example, wall-adjustable cabinets or shelves.
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In both cases, it is recommended that:

  • The color of the walls is clear: white will always be a good ally, but if you don’t want it that way, play with others that give the feeling that space is larger.
  • The mirror, protagonist: it does not have to be standing, but it does have to be placed at a strategic point in the room so that it gives it greater space. Also, if you have built-in wardrobes, take advantage of them so that they have a mirror whenever possible. Of course, make sure they are anti-fog glasses.
  • Shower, in front of the bathtub: in small bathrooms, it is not recommended to put a bathtub, not even when there are small children at home. In fact, there are different options so that they can bathe safely and play, without having to put a bathtub. For example, half-height screens or portable bathtubs, which fit in the shower. 
  • Decorate the walls of the shower: either to give a touch of color, but also a little more depth to space. It’s funny how certain papers for bathtubs achieve this effect.
  • Minimalist and practical furniture: in this sense, all Nordic-inspired furniture is great for this type of furniture, because it perfectly combines utility with that touch of decoration that makes them unique. Of course, whenever you can, grab those that have multiple roles. 
  • Take advantage of the floor and the heights: in the first case and by means of decorative boxes, to make it more beautiful, you can store all the bathroom products (towels, soaps, brushes, etc.) under the main furniture. If you have high ceilings, you can put shelves, small square cabinets (like, for example) the medicine cabinet. 
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Bathroom Decoration Ideas

And finally, a tip that you always have to keep in mind: less is more and the bathroom has a specific use, so it is not necessary to recharge them with elements that do not contribute.

Large Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Although it is less common than in the first case if you are one of the lucky ones who has a large bathroom, there are two mistakes that you have to avoid:

  • Leaving soulless spaces: because they make bathrooms cold
  • Overload it too much: because it can overwhelm

The good thing about having a large bathroom is that you will be more comfortable. Therefore, it is a matter of finding the perfect balance in the design of the bathroom, taking into account the two points that I have just mentioned. Solution? Divide the bathroom into zones and leave space between them:

  • Washbasin space: take the opportunity to get a large piece of furniture according to the decoration style of the rest of the house. If it is the main bathroom of the house, take the opportunity to:
  1. That it has two sinks: think of the times you fight for more space when you are brushing your teeth, because there is only one bucket.
  2. One large mirror or two small ones: at the same height as the two sinks.
  3. One adapted for children: if you have small children, you can put a piece of furniture at your height and another at theirs. It is perfect for them to acquire hygiene habits in a simpler way.
  • Shower and/or bathtub space: depending on how large the bathroom is, you can take advantage of having both a bathtub and a shower, in the same place. In this way, you can shower two people at the same time (in the morning it is very appreciated). This is also very practical when there are children at home because it adapts to the needs of all people.
  • Toilet space: since you have space, in addition to being able to choose the toilet you want, you can also put around you a piece of auxiliary furniture in which you can store magazines, rolls of paper, or intimate hygiene products.
  • Rest of the bathroom: since you have room, we invite you to put a wicker chair or beanbag, for example, so that you can sit while you change clothes or dry off, without having to do it in another room.
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Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Remember that the most important thing is that you find a balance. That there is the furniture you need and that these are the protagonists, but that they do not recharge the room either.

As for colors, in this case, you can play with the ones you want and make a more daring bathroom in this sense, because it will not matter that the feeling they give is less spacious.

The plants for the bathroom are also perfect for large bathrooms and give it a more natural and exotic air.

Trends in Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Although it will depend a lot on the style of bathroom decoration you choose, some of the trends that you will see this year in bathroom decoration are:

  • The walls with wallpapers: both with floral motifs, natural or with geometric shapes. Of course, it is recommended that they be papers that withstand the humidity and heat conditions of this space in the house.
  • Natural materials: both for furniture and for dreams. Wood and stone are the main ones.
  • Spaces that blend: especially between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, since they are carried without height and with the same floor as the rest of the room.
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